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Welcome back to Hot Dot News. Spring is coming and it will definitely be the Polkadot spring! We have a lot of news from Polkadot ecosystem projects that we want to share with you! Rococo testnet is running smoothly. We have seven fully connected chains with sixteen more in progress. A big milestone — the first-ever parachain transaction between Plasm and Acala was completed. Robonomics and its Winter School were the joy of our old hearts during the cold February days. And finally, PromoTeam published the interview with Subsocial founder Alex Siman. We’ll dive deeper into the details, stay tuned!

Rococo the testnet for Polkadot and Kusama Parachains doing good. There are now 7 projects which already connected as parachains, this lucky one — Plasm, Phala, Acala, Kilt Protocol, HydraDX, Crust and Darwinia. Also, Plasm and Acala did the first-ever transaction between two Parachains.

Huobi is highly integrated in Polkadot Ecosystem exchange, it provides not only the trading of DOT and KSM tokens, and other tokens of ecosystem projects, but also provides cool features that can replace the staking on the basic platform. Because now Polkadot requires more than 150 DOT minimum staking nomination. And you need to have some skills to do everything right. On Huobi you can use a simple tool to Earn the rewards in DOT. We are going to make a review of the new DOT-Huobi Features, if you like this idea pls LIKE and Subscribe to us!

Acala this month is one of the brightest Polkadot stars. The first-ever parachain transaction on Rococo is a very important milestone for the ecosystem, and we congratulate the Plasm and Acala teams! Do you want to know about this event more? You can read the article of Dan Reecer about this event, with a lot of interesting details, check the link below —

Acala Launches the ‘Acala EVM’ for DeFi on Polkadot | Ethereum Compatibility with Unlimited Substrate Functionality. Acala’s engineering team has custom-built and launched the Acala EVM! This innovation, novel to the Polkadot ecosystem, enable Acala to provide Solidity, Substrate, and Web3 developers a complete full-stack (Acala+EVM+Substrate+WASM) experience seamlessly with a single wallet.

Last week Sota from Plasm couldn’t hide his emotions after making significant progress and we’re happy to see it as well.

You can check this historical transaction from Plasm side and read the article about this event —

I hope to see a lot of news from Plasm and Shiden this March.

Joystream — the permissionless YouTube on Blockchain Launched the Founding Member Program

The Founding Member Program will grant Joystream committed community members a considerable share of the platform’s initial token issuance in return for their effective participation in our community. Read the details in the article in the comments and join the cool Joystream community.

Reef is one of the active projects in Polkadot Ecosystem if you are interested in DeFi you need to see the interview of ReeF CEO and Founder Denko Mancheski, he answered some very interesting questions and made some important announcements, for example, he announced that ReeF is going to be parachain.

Parachain News in collaboration with PromoTeam started to release its cool infographics about the Polkadot Ecosystem and separate projects. Join us on Telegram and Twitter and don’t miss new releases!

Check our latest interview with @AlexSiman — the founder of @SubsocialChain. In this video, he shares the vision behind Subsocial, what problems they are solving, what has been developed so far, and what are their plans for this year.

Rononomics this month did two great things. The first one is a Winter School very successful educational event, where people all over the world interact with the Robonomics team, implementing features for IoT, Robots and smart contracts. There are more than one thousand five hundred participants of this event. PromoTeam is the information and technical partner of this event. The second one is the article TRAJECTORY OF ROBONOMICS DEVELOPMENT 2021, PART 1 -

Bifrost finished a very successful 2nd Mintdrop round in a time span of 12 hours. More than 5,000 ETH were raised. The third round is open from February 26th at 2 pm (GMT+8) with a quota of 5,000 ETH within 72 hours. 100,000 BNC will be released, at least 20 BNC per vETH. Join the Mint Drop, it’s a good opportunity to get BNC:

Also, Bifrost released the first of its planned three educational videos ( вставить фрагрмент)

Guess who helped Bifrost with this video? You know the answer!

HydraDX an innovative and ambitious DeFi platform. It is preparing to launch a staking network. After extremely successful funding on Balancer, they are going to start intensified testnet and join Kusama as parachain.

Binance listed Phala Network, congratulations Phala team!

New ecosystem project SubQuery is going to Transform and query the world’s data for the web3.0 future. SubQuery’s aim is to help Substrate projects build better decentralized applications by allowing anyone to reliably find and consume data faster. The service will allow users to extract, transform, persist, and query data initially, as well as connect and present data in the future. SubQuery is going to make this core piece of infrastructure for the Polkadot ecosystem, just as The Graph has become for Ethereum.



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