How to participate in the Composable crowdloan on Polkadot.

Composable is a full technical stack that is driving the evolution of digital assets and DeFi protocols. It enables the unification of functionality, across all blockchain ecosystems.

The protocol will connect L2s to the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystems and the Cosmos Ecosystem through the IBC protocol. Composable will include other ecosystems in future such as Algorand Solana and more.

Before participate you in the crowdloan campaign, please read the article about the Polkadot existential deposit here.

Token Distribution

Composable’s LAYR token will govern the Composable parachain. The total supply of 100,000,000 LAYR tokens will be distributed according to the following figure, with more information about each distribution channel below:

LAYR Token Use Cases

  • The Composable parachain as well as the overall Composable ecosystem will provide a multitude of use cases for LAYR tokens:
  • Staking LAYR to get free/reduced-fee transactions or earn part of protocol fees
  • LAYR staked by the oracle pallet on our Polkadot parachain
  • Composable Labs — staking LAYR gives tokens from the LAYR ecosystem
  • For governance decisions on the pallets upgraded to LAYR and voting for additional network/bridge support
  • For staking by Mosaic validators
  • Staking LAYR by relayers and collators
  • Payments for SDK services
  • Staking by Routing nodes
  • Staking by Insurer nodes

Crowdloan Rewards

  • 5% bonus to those who staked in the first 24 hours
  • 5% bonus to those who previously contributed KSM and stablecoins to the Picasso Crowdloan
  • 10% bonus to stakers in the first three days of opening the crowdloan


Composable will be offering 12% of LAYR supply to crowdloan contributors, with 25% vesting on TGE, and the remainder vesting over 1.5 years.

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How to participate in the Composable crowdloan

  1. Create your DOT/KSM account.
  2. Go to the webpage.
  3. Connect your wallet to the website.

4. Choose the account for your contribution.

5. Enter the amount of DOT tokens you want to contribute. The minimal deposit is 5 DOT.

6. Click “Contribute” button and sign the transaction with your password.

7. Congratulations! You participated in the Composable crowdloan.

You can check your rewards on the Polkadot JS website. Click on “My contribution” to see it.

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