Huobi leads the initiation supporting the Polkadot Ecosystem offering development grants.

Huobi Inno Labs | Polkadot Ecosystem Fund

Huobi was made a really important move to Polkadot Community , released in December 2020 several initiative that can make an important impact on Polkadot Ecosystem and all web3 movement. Let’s see what we have now:

Huobi Inno Labs started 5 Million USDT Fund to Support Polkadot Ecosystem

Huobi Inno Labs started 5 Million USDT Fund to Support Polkadot Ecosystem

This Fund is going to be used not only like investment but more than community support of important initiatives like:

Education and Events—offline and online events, Meetups, hackathon, technical workshops, project development;
Professional Content Creation — graphics, texts, videos, related to Polkadot and ecosytem,to invite passionate and gifted teams and individuals to join Polkadot community.
Projects linking to Polkadot Treasury, Kusama Treasury — that has major contribution to Polkadot Ecosystem. This teams can be supported by Huobi products also. Developers, activity initiators, content creators, Polkadot ambassadors and any other individuals and organizations who have plans to contribute to the Polkadot ecosystem can apply to this fund. We can consult you and help to prepare your apply to Huobi Polkadot Fund!

But you can write apply by yourself , use fund application email:
Please include the following information in your email. More info here.

1) Applicant’s Name
2) Applicant’s Huobi UID
3) Applicant Contact
4) Applicant company entity (if any)
5) Introduction to the application
6) Budget Request
7) Application Cycle
8) Reasons for applying for sponsorship

In addition to financial support, Huobi Inno Labs can also assist in putting up networks with Huobi’s innate resources, such as Huobi wallet, Huobi mining pool, Huobi capital, etc.

We are all wating of Parachain auctions . We hope that it will also reveal most active and strong projects, there are more than 300 projects currently developing on Substrate and most of them want ot become Parachain or Parathread. According to statistics, 2019 has seen a significant development project increase of 44% in the Polkadot network, making it one of the most active blockchain ecosystems.

Huobi x Polkadot Sponsorship

This Huobi initiative will support development of the Polkadot Ecosystem and the project globally. The main idea of Sponsors to give big holders of DOT and KSM the opportunity to help any project in Ecosystem to get their advocate in Huobi. Sponsors can recommend any project to Huobi Global, and the recommended project can be put online in the Polkadot ecosystem zone of Huobi Global after it passes the assessment.

While the sponsor is entitled all kinds of rights, it also undertakes the responsibility of discovering and screening quality projects. The sponsor is not only the bridge between the Huobi and the Polkadot community, but also the important partners. It gives the advocates of the projects, investors, the teams and just passionate and active community members great oppotunity influence decision-making processes and community development.

PromoTeam also informationally cover Sponsorship community and will give the information about the sponsors today and in future.

Sponsor need have qualification and to hold at least 300,000 DOT in Huobi Global account, of which 150,000 DOT can be locked in as asset certificates; Professional investment experience in Polkadot projects(including Polkadot) also required; good investment record, and a good personal or institutional credit record will be a plus. To become a sponsor you need to apply and sent it to email:

Huobi Global will be complete the verification in 5 working days. Maximum of 10 sponsors will be taken for once, and the sponsor list will be updated once in 3 months.

Huobi already announce the first 10 Polkadot Sponsors!

Here they are:
Arrington XRP Capital @arringtonXRPcap
Digital Finance Group @DFG_Group
HashKey Capital @CapitalHashkey
Dealean Capital @DealeanCapital
Signum Capital @Signum_Capital
Hypersphere Ventures

Welcome to all Sponsors , hope you will do great contribution for Polkadot Ecosystem. But new sponsors still can apply.

This two initiative, and others expected, shows that Huobi are want to play one of key role in development and grow of the Polkadot network.

What is PromoTeam?

PromoTeam — is the international team of Polkadot fans with experience and professional abilities: We excel in community growth, business communications and strategy, promotion, advertising, mathematics, programming, entrepreneurship, and many others areas. Our main goal is to increase adoption and the value of the Substrate ecosystem. By nurturing a grassroots community and involving as many people as we can. Our mission is to give the Polkadot and Substrate community the utility it needs to promote Polkadot ecosystem.

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