InvArch Ambassador Program Updates. What type of work does an InvArch Ambassador do?

The InvArch team decided to update their Ambassador Program, also known as InvArch Embassy. They abandoned the point system and decided to start rewarding program participants more transparently — directly with project tokens. In addition, some positions were canceled (e.g., Creative Core Member and Article Core Member, and some new ones have added Newscasters (CORE), and Videographer (CORE).

To become an InvArch Ambassador, you first need to apply.

There are now two application forms, the first for ARMY members and the second for CORE members.

It is worth noting that you can submit two forms at once, but the fastest you will be accepted as an ARMY member. Further, while your application is being reviewed, you need to continue actively participating in the life of the project and try to demonstrate your greatest strengths that can benefit the project. This will help ensure that you get noticed and accepted as soon as possible. If you meet the expectations of the project team, you will be invited to the Invarch Embassy.

Now, actually, a couple of words about these expectations.

Participants who want to become an InvArch Ambassador are expected to understand the basics of InvArch and Tinkernet and all the protocols on which they are based. That is, you should be able to tell other people about these projects, as the main mission of an Ambassador is to expand the community and attract new supporters to the project! Apart from that, you are expected to maintain a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the community and communicate professionally with community members.

On top of that, if you are applying for a CORE role, you have to successfully pass the live interview. Also, you will be expected to produce high-quality and professional content about the project. In addition, CORE members must have an excellent understanding of the constantly evolving technologies of InvArch and Tinkernet and must be well-established in the community.

As an InvArch Ambassador, you can help the project in many different ways. For example, any InvArch ARMY member can share information about the project on Twitter, and participate in competitions on a given topic to create graphic content and articles about the project. All works that successfully pass moderation and/or win in the competition will be rewarded with VARCH tokens by the team. Besides, the winning works will be published in the official project’s sources.

Moreover, if your English is perfect, or you have experience as a podcaster, or you have high skills as a translator, or you can create breath-taking 3D videos, or have experience as a moderator, for example, then there are more opportunities for you and you might be suitable for one of the CORE Roles!

Ambassador Program Roles.

- Newscasters (CORE):
- Moderators (CORE).
- Interpreters (CORE).
- Videographer (CORE).
- Designers (ARMY members)
- Authors (ARMY members)

A brief overview of each role

Designers (ARMY members) — Any ARMY member can become a Community Designer. These guys will be expected to create original, high-quality, premium graphic content in English on a given topic and in line with the branding of the project.

Authors (ARMY members) — Any ARMY member can also be a community author. These guys are expected to write an article within 6–8 minutes of reading in clear, understandable English with a focus on InvArch and Tinkernet.

Newscasters (CORE): There will only be three such people. And of course, they must speak and write flawless English and have terrific communication skills. Also, one of the important features of this role is an Ambassador’s location in the United States. These ambassadors are expected to organize bi-weekly events for the InvArch and Tinkernet community in the Twitter or Discord space with news about the community, to which they can invite team representatives. To qualify for this role, you will need to pass a live interview with the project’s community manager.

Moderators (CORE) — these people are expected to have high skills in written English, monitor the Invarch servers in Discord and Subreddit, keep a friendly atmosphere for all community members, and log the P.A.L. in Excel for further allocation of VARCH. Also, their duties include suppression of any phishing attempts and ban participants who don’t follow the community rules. Besides this, moderators also have the opportunity to do translations for the community. To get this role you will also have to do a live interview with the community manager.

Translators (CORE) — in order to do translations, you will first have to become a community moderator. This role is expected to have a good technical understanding of the project and good quality translations of news and articles from official sources into your native language. Before becoming a translator, you will be asked to take a translation test.

Videographer (CORE) — Individuals applying for this position will be expected to create breathtaking, premium 3D animations to promote InvArch and Tinkernet. To be considered for this position, you will need to demonstrate examples of your previous experience.

👉 Remember, if you want to become an Ambassador, make sure to apply!
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