InvArch Tinkernet — the First Step Towards Decentralization of Intellectual Property

We’re proud to announce that the project we’ve been following and supporting for a very long time finally launches a testnet. InvArch is a decentralized network for intellectual property management with its own virtual machine and Intellectual Property Staking. It’s one of the first parachains designed not for trading or swapping tokens, but for real-world use cases. InvArch can become the foundation for many decentralized services based on intellectual property: music streaming services, libraries, even a decentralized GitHub, called GitArch. You can check the full review here.

The project is going to be launched step-by-step: several limited testnets, then a public testnet with user-friendly interface. After testing everything, the main chain will be launched. After getting a parachain slot, InvArch will release a cross-chain IP Pallet Module for connecting InvArch to other parachains and provide IP verification functionality on other Polkadot parachains as well. Now it’s time for the first alpha testnet, called Tinkernet. Its purpose is to gather feedback from developers and tech-savvy users. We also want to point out, it’s not an incentivized testnet, so it’s only for those who want to help the project grow faster.

  1. Creation of IPFs, IPSs and IPTs. You’ll be able to mint an IP File, create an IP Set with this IPF and mint IPTs, the tokens of ownership, linked to your Set.
  2. Creation of IP Replicas. Due to the limitations of the first testnet, it’s not possible to replicate replicas, but in the future, it will be covered as well. Replicas will allow creating new licensing and revenue distribution models in the future

To test the new features, you’ll need only three links:

The process of using Tinkernet may be a bit counter-intuitive, it requires interaction with polkadot.js, so please make sure to check this video which explains the process step-by-step.

If you need any help with Tinkernet, you can ask questions on InvArch Discord.

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