Polkadot Ecosystem PromoTeam — global and regional adoption of Polkadot/Kusama Parachains.

By Alex Morozov |Polkadot Ecosystem PromoTeam Founder|

Do you like the Polkadot and Substrate Ecosystem? Do you want to take your place in Community? Do you want to help Community and Projects to grow? Join Polkadot Ecosystem PromoTeam as ACTIVIST or PROJECT FOUNDER!

What is Polkadot Ecosystem PromoTeam

We are the international team of Polkadot fans with experience in different activities– sales growing, business communications and strategy, promotion, advertising, mathematics, programming, entrepreneurship and others. Our main task — increase the value of the Substrate ecosystem by involving many people focused on growing the product, community and power. Main goal — to give the Polkadot and Substrate community the real utility to promote Substrate projects. We think that all adopters of Polkadot are the huge power to make substrate projects known worldwide. It’s a big deal to involve a lot of Polkadot adopters in promotion on the ground, in their regions. We build the model for such an activity for the whole community to make important contributions. The results will be successful businesses, DAOs, DAPPs and other units.

Our team wants to become an infrastructure for substrate and parachains projects to promote their services, ideas and the whole Polkadot ecosystem worldwide. We want to integrate other crypto activists in Polkadot ecosystem promotion.

Grounding Substrate and Parachains

Over the months, we have been helping several projects in the Polkadot ecosystem, for example Plasm Network , Phala Network , Bifrost and others to adapt content and build a community in different regions. And we thought — why all this practices cant be implemented for every Substrate project in every region using one working model. And we are started « Polkadot Ecosystem PromoTeam» to help increase community and user interactions in various regional and language zones. It can be based on adaptation of our best practices to grow the Substrate projects community. Its also good for founders of substrate, we can offer motivation of participation for regional activists in the model of regional promotion of the Substrate projects.


We have many new Polkadot Ecosystem projects starting now; it is super useful to deliver information in different languages to find the support of the project on the ground, real use cases and new users. It’s helpful to make a program, model, for fans of Polkadot (especially without programming skills, specialized on community growing) and founders of new substrate projects, to explain how to present every substrate project for local communities across the globe, where Polkadot activists operate. Not even for developers and geeks, but common users, local businesses communities and government. Every activist now in search of his own way, maybe it’s time to analyze the best practices and offer some working models for all.


1. The work of our team united by one language and location is very effective, double-checking each other’s translations, building working relationships in the community, positive cooperation. Interaction models in the Russian community can be analyzed and, proposed to be applied in other regional communities.

2. Substrate project founders and participants of their teams need models to attract attention to their projects and motivational part for both: early participant users and regional teams, who will act on the proposed models and take reasonable initiative on those issues that will relate to the specifics and audience of a particular project. It is possible to analyze the effectiveness of various methods for community growing in different substrate projects and propose working methods of promotion for others. At the same time to build infrastructure for the participation of activists in promoting projects in their regions, consider the motivation for PromoTeam members and new users. Offer this model to the founders of Substrate projects as support of Polkadot community.

3. Expectations from the PromoTeam members at the project launch stage:

- Creation of a regional community

- The content for regional accounts on medium.com, youtube.com, twitter.com, telegram.com, discord.com and others by agreement

- Translations of articles, techdocs, messages to community

- Creating the own content targeted at the local user and specifics — video reviews, instructions, articles, and placing them on local web sites that are most suitable for this.

- Collaborations with local content and traffic generators.

- Establishing contacts with the local business community

- Educational initiatives — creating a group for meetings, speaking to business community, can be online meetings

- Work on building new projects based on Parachain project with an emphasis to practical implementation, involving core developers to participate in advising on such projects.

- Each week contact Polkadot Ecosystem PromoTeam and Core Team about getting support and giving the info about activity.


One regional PromoTeam members may attract hundreds or thousands fans, contributors, users and participants of the Parachain Project. Its increase value of native project token by involving many people focused on the growing the product, community and straight of the project. You spend only your native token for PromoTeam members.

Win-Win mode for PromoTeam members and Parachain Projects

Win for Parachain Projects founders.

  • Founders mostly technical guys, so it’s hard and expensive for most of the substrate projects to build the community itself, do the promotion and get connected to implementations of the product on the ground level. Attraction of PromoTeam members worldwide for community growing is a HUGE advantage. I say more, it will be good for any substrate project if they will participate in future government, development and promotion. I like our community, and this way it will become most effective community in crypto industry.
  • They save time (all infrastructure is ready to use), money , energy ( the PromoTeam members are the people who knows the topic, you don’t need a lot of energy to explain them, but they can spread the word worldwide.)
  • They can give significant stake of tokens to PromoTeam members and get qualified fans that can support the governance, tech council, nodes, voting, another project activity. Yes, you give your valuable tokens, but you get the really active community in one moment, you build things easy. It can really help on first steps of the project.
  • Finance the promotion by treasury and validators reward of the network by using the nodes of PromoTeam.

Win for PromoTeam activists

- PromoTeam activists can use Polkadot Ecosystem PromoTeam Infrastructure , to participate in Polkadot community activities and promote any substrate project with little local specification and reasonable initiative.

- PromoTeam activists get the ability to participate in future government, development , tech council, nodes, voting, and promotion of many substrate projects and grow with Polkadot Community.

Get the honor and privilege to be PromoTeam activist and give the contribution to the one of the best crypto community.

It will become the brand soon. We are going to make the sort of DAO for the collaboration and working worldwide. Join us!

Initiative Group:

Alex Morozov @AlexGSG ( telegram )

twiter https://twitter.com/GlobalSiteGroup

Igonina Natali (@Natalienpi)

Shadov Sergey (@ShadovSerg)

Polkadot Russian Community @PolkadotRu



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Alex PromoTeam

Alex PromoTeam

Polkadot Ecosystem PromoTeam Leader | Crypto and Blockchain enthusiast, entrepreneur | Disclaimer: all articles is my own opinion and not financial advice |