PromoTeam became informational partner for Crust Network

PromoTeam partner with Crust Network, to deliver the information about Decentralized Storage Network to Polkadot community.

Crust — one of the most undervalued projects of Polkadot ecosystem.

Crust implements the incentive layer protocol for decentralized storage, and vision to building a decentralized cloud ecosystem. Now Crust finishing preparations for its pre-mainnet Maxwell. We are going to tell community all aspects of this project and ongoing events. Subscribe our channels not to miss cool announcements, contests and other activities.

PromoTeam are going to provide — informational support. Delivering information about the Crust to Polkadot and Crypto community

  • Mentioning in news and posts, everyday activity in Polkadot ecosystem
  • Article about Crust once per 2 month
  • Translations of articles from English into Russian or write new ones
  • Other Informational support of this initiatives
  • Mentioning in HOT DOT NEWS YouTube channel.

Supporting and developing of Russian community:

  • Translations of 2–3 articles or messages of core team
  • Administration of the telegram group
  • Promotion in Russian groups
  • Technical support

Infographics for Crust

  • mentionings in current infographics of Polkadot Ecosystem infographics
  • Individual Crust infographics 2 times per month



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Alex PromoTeam

Alex PromoTeam

Polkadot Ecosystem PromoTeam Leader | Crypto and Blockchain enthusiast, entrepreneur | Disclaimer: all articles is my own opinion and not financial advice |