PromoTeam became informational partner for Crust Network

PromoTeam partner with Crust Network, to deliver the information about Decentralized Storage Network to Polkadot community.

Crust — one of the most undervalued projects of Polkadot ecosystem.

  • Mentioning in news and posts, everyday activity in Polkadot ecosystem
  • Article about Crust once per 2 month
  • Translations of articles from English into Russian or write new ones
  • Other Informational support of this initiatives
  • Mentioning in HOT DOT NEWS YouTube channel.
  • Translations of 2–3 articles or messages of core team
  • Administration of the telegram group
  • Promotion in Russian groups
  • Technical support
  • mentionings in current infographics of Polkadot Ecosystem infographics
  • Individual Crust infographics 2 times per month



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Alex PromoTeam

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