PromoTeam NFTs — a small but pleasurable gift on RMRK.

Dear readers!
As you probably know, our team has many talented creators, and we truly admire and love our lead 3D designer Joaji. Together we created many illustrations, a detailed 3D Polkadot network model that we shared with everyone for common use, and of course, we created and we will continue to create memorable NFTs for our community for every major event in the ecosystem. Here we want to present to you our NFTs that we already minted in the past, and tell you about the future reward dedicated to the first batch of the Polkadot crowdloan auctions.

So, to start with, we created our first NFT as a small gift for our community to celebrate the launch of Kusama crowdloan auctions. We minted it immediately after the launch of the RMRK platform, and we were among the first teams who truly supported and welcomed the birth of a native Kusama NFT ecosystem. We also supported the launch of Kanaria, the first use case of RMRK, and we were very impressed by its technical implementation and the idea of nested NFTs (you can read more about it here). Thus when we decided to mint our own NFT, RMRK became the platform of our choice.

We minted and distributed it to all PromoTeam community members who participated in the crowdloan with us and contributed to the projects more than 5 KSM. Mass reward distribution is a pretty complicated task because it usually involves sending hundreds of NFTs to different addresses. We’re glad that our friends from RMRK helped us to facilitate the process, and thanks to their cooperation, our community members received this memorable badge to their accounts. Everyone who got it will be considered a veteran of Kusama in a few years — because together we witnessed this significant event.

Also, we want to mention our team mascot, Para-Chan, created by Joaji. She’s a specialist in crowdloan campaigns, consulting people and helping them to navigate the world of blockchains. Our mascot is pretty popular in the community and we even created a Telegram sticker pack with her.

Now she’s consulting people in our Telegram @crowdloanbot, an all-in-one crowdloan info source.

Since we participated in the promotion of RMRK Kanaria, together with their team we got a fun idea. What if we create and distribute a PromoTeam-related nested NFT with a bird? Here you can see the result. Para-Chan is an epic accessory for the main NFT, floating next to Kanaria bird, it can be equipped and unequipped, and there are only 28 pieces minted, so it’s pretty rare. As we always want to give our supporters some bonuses as a sign of appreciation, we added the Kanaria Para-chan owners to the list of our 1 batch NFT recipients and we’ll continue to do so.

The second batch on Kusama was pretty intense — we remember the astonishing victory of Altair, also we were glad that our friends Calamari secured their slot, and to celebrate all these events we prepared a funny NFT — a combination of Tamagotchi and Tetris, a very cool concept also designed by Joaji. Its distribution was a bit delayed because it requires some assistance from the dev teams of parachain winners, which have to prepare the lists of PromoTeam referral contributors, and after detailed checking from our side, it’s possible to finalize everything. Currently, the second badge is on the way to being distributed on RMRK.

But that’s not the end of the story! Currently, we’re planning to prepare the next badge for the first Polkadot crowdloan auction. It will be distributed on RMRK for everyone who will use our referral links during the crowdloan with a contribution of more than 50 DOT. What’s the purpose of these NFT aside from being a gift of appreciation? Currently, there is none, and we don’t want to promise anything to hype it up. But as you know, we always try to deliver the best for every community member, reader and follower, and maybe later we’ll find a way to give badge owners some benefits.

If we’re talking about NFTs, it would be a crime not to mention this little bird. Yes, you guessed well, that’s Karura. We’re preparing a small event to celebrate the successful launch of two ecosystems and we want to honour all amazing projects that became the part of Polkadot and Kusama with a collection of NFTs. We’ll announce the details later, stay tuned!

PromoTeam is a diverse team of specialists and blockchain activists with various skills that actively promotes the Polkadot ecosystem in the English-speaking and Russian communities.

Our main activity is content production, offline and online event organization, community management and creation, product marketing, development of ambassador programs.

We also run validator nodes for Polkadot and Cosmos blockchains and participate in the Polkadot ecosystem projects as investors, advisors and contributors.

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