PromoTeam released a commemorative NFT to celebrate the first Kusama auctions!

PromoTeam released their first NFT in collaboration with the RMRK project. This is a special commemorative NFT celebrating the successful end of the first batch of the crowdloan auctions and the connection of the first parachains. This is a historic event for the entire ecosystem, and we wanted to create something that would remind of it. We have minted a limited series of 300 NFTs, some of them are already sent to those members of the PromoTeam community who made the significant contribution to the crowdloan campaign and deposited more than 5 KSM via our referral links.

If you participated using our referral link, check your Singular account by connecting the KSM address used in the crowdloan. We plan to use the remaining NFTs to reward active members of our community and to gift them to our partners and to important people of the ecosystem.

This is a commemorative NFT, so it’s distributed on a free basis. Singular is the official NFT platform from our partner RMRK that allows you to not only store and check, but also to trade NFTs. We hope that someday, our NFT can be shown as the badge of the blockchain veteran who was among the first contributors of Polkadot and Kusama. It’s also possible that in the future we’ll be able to give special offers to our NFT holders. But for now, this is only a commemorative badge, nothing more.

We have very big plans for the future — the new batch of the crowdloans is coming. We have signed somel new partnerships, the biggest one is with Integritee, the top solution for processing secure data on Kusama, and we are also planning a very large event, also related to NFTs. Our @crowdloanbot was very useful during the last crowdloan — more than 5,000 people subscribed to it, and we continue to improve it by adding new projects.

We want to thank you for supporting us, we really appreciate it and we’ll continue to deliver you the good content and helpful insights.

PromoTeam is a diverse team of specialists and blockchain activists with various skills that actively promotes the Polkadot ecosystem in the English-speaking and Russian communities.

Our main activity is content production, offline and online event organization, community management and creation, product marketing, development of ambassador programs.

We also run validator nodes for Polkadot and Cosmos blockchains and participate in the Polkadot ecosystem projects as investors, advisors and contributors.

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Vlady Limes


Member of PromoTeam [Web3] | GrandMaster of Content Creation