Results of Subsocial Articles and Videos Contest.

In January PromoTeam and Subsocial started Subsocial Articles and Videos Contest. We suggested Subsocial fans to give the community more information about the features that Subsocial provides. We made these contests to invite professionals to create articles or videos about Subsocial to spread the word about new open protocol for decentralized social networks and marketplaces.

We get some great articles and videos and want to share it with you. Here is our winners:

2.Great article from Olga ( Polkadot News ). The article posted on Subsocial and Medium and promoted . Read it, you like it. And subscribe Polkadot News! Reward — 50 SMN!

3.Also great article from Naikee . Article posted on medium and promoted well. Reward — 50 SMN! Congrats Naikee

4.Other articles and videos, that we want to reward. Hope it will encourage others for contributions for Subsocial.We Invite everyone to participate in community activities and create the content for Subsocial Spaces:

Petr Stsepanenka Reward 80 SMN
Gena Minilovich Reward 40 SMN
Oleg Berki Reward 40 SMN
Rakib Reward 40 SMN
Ighomaria Prosper Reward 40 SMN
Ighomaria Prosper Reward 20 SMN
Sophia Reward 40 SMN
Danil Reward 40 SMN

5.If you apply and you are not in list, it means that your article or video did not qualify, sorry guys!

To get your reward pls write from email you mention in your apply to provide the SMN address and get your reward , in title you need to write “Subsocial Contest — Reward.”



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