Welcome the Parachain Auction Telegram Bot! All the information on each and every crowdloan campaign, accessible in one place.

Almost all the ecosystem members were busy preparing for Polkadot Decoded 2021 — the biggest event of the year, — but the PromoTeam and Parachain News team weren’t sitting around as well.

“How cool it would be if all the information about crowdloan parachain campaigns were gathered in one place”, we thought.

Basically, that was the idea that encouraged us to create the “Crowdloan Info Bot”.

What about its features?

We’ve designed the functionality to be as simple and straightforward as possible.

You can:

  • share projects and terms of participation there with your friends;
  • add projects to your favorites;
  • see instructions on how to participate in a crowdfunding campaign.

And this is what the Crowdloan Info Bot is about.
The powerful projects are already available there:

1. Karura — a decentralized financial hub in Kusama
You can get additional +5%

2. Bifrost — a liquidity protocol for collateral assets.
You can get additional +5%

3. Sakura — Sakura & Clover will communicate as sister networks to present a complete foundational layer for cross-chain DeFi on substrate — on Kusama and Polkadot.
You can get additional+5%

4. Khala — Khala Network is the Phala pre-mainnet on Kusama, as published on the roadmap last year: Phala will implement its mainnet on Polkadot, as the parachain to serve enterprise-scale blockchains and DeFi service.
You can get additional +0,5%

As the parachains auction approaches, the number of projects that will announce their conditions and ways to participate in Crowdloan will be growing day by day.

We will add this information to the “Crowdloan Info Bot” as soon as we lean about it.

Try it out: https://t.me/crowdloanbot

PromoTeam is a diverse team of specialists and blockchain activists with various skills that actively promotes the Polkadot ecosystem in the English-speaking and Russian communities.

Our main activity is content production, offline and online event organization, community management and creation, product marketing, development of ambassador programs.

We also run validator nodes for Polkadot and Cosmos blockchains and participate in the Polkadot ecosystem projects as investors, advisors and contributors.

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