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Jun 14, 2019 · 4 min read
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If you follow the developments of the larger ecosystem closely, then you already know that Polkadot represents an exciting part of where Web3 is headed. Since 2016, when Dr. Gavin Wood wrote Polkadot’s whitepaper, we’ve been working to connect private/consortium chains, public/permission-less networks, oracles and future technological developments yet to be created in the Web3 ecosystem. Today marks the day that we turn outward to ask for your help with this mission by launching the official Polkadot Ambassadors Program.

We already know that you’re out there. Every day, we interact with scores of Polkadot enthusiasts around the globe, who understand the vast potential of the platform and want to help promote it — and now it’s your chance to help us take our efforts to a whole new level.

Why become a Polkadot Ambassador?

That’s the beauty of Polkadot. We have a very real stack of technology, being meticulously built, that isn’t just some pie-in-the sky dream. Polkadot actually works! And if you become a Polkadot Ambassador, from day one, you’ll have the chance, very practically, to write the next chapter of Web3. Contributing for the sake of being a contribution is its own great reward, but you’ll also enjoy these benefits:

  • FUNDING — You’ll get first-call, early access to bounties, and be eligible to receive funding to host local meetups and workshops
  • SPECIAL ACCESS — You’ll be invited to exclusive events, an Ambassadors-only Riot channel, and behind-the-scenes phone calls with core-team members
  • FREE STUFF — Who doesn’t like free stuff? You’ll stand out with cool Polkadot swag, marking you as an extra-special member of the crew
  • TRUE COMMUNITY — You’ll be working closely alongside some of the most notable figures in the Web3 space, while forging ties with others who are equally as passionate about architecting a better future for everyone

What are the expectations of an Ambassador?

What does the process of becoming an Ambassador look like?

During your Apprenticeship, you’ll have a chance to discuss your progress with core team members, establish goals, and meet other Ambassadors. You’ll also have a chance to define which working group you intend on joining when you become a full-fledged Ambassador.

After meeting the goals that we define together, and ensuring that you’re fully committed to the cause, we’ll turn your Apprenticeship into a full Ambassadorship. In this new role, you’ll have tons of different ways to bring your skills and talents to the table, including, but not limited to:

  • Contributing code and/or improving documentation related to the ecosystem
  • Speaking about Polkadot at events, workshops, and meetups
  • Authoring blog posts and other collateral about how Polkadot supports the Web3 vision
  • Representing your region on important Polkadot projects
  • Providing a warm welcome, and mentorship, to newcomers to the platform
  • Identifying partnerships and other kinds of opportunities for Polkadot to participate in
  • Participating in calls and tasks that help drive the ecosystem forward

How many Ambassadors will there be, and from where?

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A current view of our ambassadors globally

We’re looking for quality, not quantity. Leading up to Polkadot’s mainnet launch scheduled at the end of 2019. We’re looking to onboard a tight-knit crew of no more than 50 Ambassadors from English-speaking countries to help us light the way, so there’s plenty of room to make your mark.

And if you’re part of the Chinese or Japanese communities, we’ll also be launching a dedicated Ambassadors group, just for your regions, so make sure to get in touch to spearhead your local communities!

Apply for the Japanese localized ambassador group: 日本アンバサダープログラム申し込みはこちらです

Apply for the Chinese localized ambassador group: 申请成为中国大使

What are the next steps to become an Ambassador?

Once we receive your response, we’ll be in touch soon to set up a 45-minute call with you and a few other potential Apprentices to walk you through the process.

If you have any initial questions, please feel free to reach out to or We’re super excited that you’re interested in joining us on the journey to Polkadot Ambassadorship, and look forward to bringing you deeper into the fold!

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