Polkascan Development Update #3

Emiel Sebastiaan
Jul 11 · 9 min read

Milestone 3: key runtime data entities

1. Getting started

1.1. Polkascan PRE on Github

Image 1: Polkascan on Github: https://github.com/polkascan

1.2. What makes Polkascan PRE?

1.3. Requirements

1.4. Running Polkascan PRE

git clone https://github.com/polkascan/polkascan-pre.git
cd polkascan-pre
git tag
git checkout v0.3.x
git submodule update --init --recursive
docker-compose -p dev -f docker-compose.yml up -d mysql
docker-compose -p dev -f docker-compose.yml up --build
Image 2: A successful build of Polkascan PRE

1.5. Cleaning up

docker-compose -p dev -f docker-compose.yml down
docker system prune
[confirm] Y
docker system prune -a
[confirm] Y
docker volume prune
[confirm] Y

2. Exploring Polkascan PRE

2.1. Exploring the GUI

Runtime specifications:
Account Indices:
Democracy Proposals:
Democracy Referenda:

2.2. Exploring the API

Image 3: Exploring the API
Block overview:
Block detail:
Extrinsic overview:
Extrinsic detail by id:
Extrinsic detail:
Event overview:
Event detail:
Log overview:
Log detail:
Account overview:
Account detail:
Runtime specification overview:
Runtime specification detail:
Account Index overview:
Account Index detail:
Transfer overview:
Transfer detail:
Democracy Proposal overview:
Democracy Proposal detail:
Democracy Referendum overview:
Democracy Referendum detail:

2.3. Exploring the DB

Port: 33061
Database: polkascan
Username: root
Password: root
Image 4: Exploring the DB
alembic_version: version data to enforce ddl by SQLAlchemy.
data_account: account data.
data_account_audit: account audit data.
data_account_index: indices account data.
data_account_index_audit: indices account audit data.
data_block: block data.
data_block_total: additional block data.
data_democracy_proposal: democracy proposal data.
data_democracy_proposal_audit: democracy proposal audit data.
data_democracy_referendum: democracy referendum data.
data_democracy_referendum_audit: democracy referendum audit data.
data_event: event data.
data_extrinsic: extrinsic (and transaction and inherent) data.
data_log: digest log data.
data_session: session data.
data_session_total: additional session data.
data_session_validator: session validator data.
runtime: runtime specification data.
runtime_call: runtime specification data of call functions.
runtime_call_param: runtime specification data of call function parameters.
runtime_storage: runtime specification data of storage functions.
runtime_event: runtime specification data of events.
runtime_event_attribute: runtime specification data of event attributes.
runtime_module: runtime specification data of modules.
runtime_type: runtime specification data of types.

3. Stateful data in state-machine

4. Polkascan and the ecosystem

Image 5: Integration between Polkadot-UI and Polkascan.io. (link)

5. Hacking Polkascan PRE

About Polkascan & WEB3SCAN

Image 6: Polkascan.io the multi-chain block explorer for the Polkadot ecosystem. (link)
Image 7: Polkascan’s Dave Hoogendoorn participating in the LongHash incubation program in Singapore. (tweet)

Polkascan project updates

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