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Polkadot parachain candidates. The second batch.

Litentry, Manta, Darwinia, SubGame, Centrifuge, Equilibrium, Nodle, Interlay, Crust, Coinversation, HydraDX, Phala

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🔗Manta Network

💎 Litentry

Litentry is a Decentralized Identity Aggregation protocol across multiple networks, it features a DID indexing mechanism and a Substrate-based credit computation network.

| Crowdloan page | Crowdloan in detail | Token economy |

Crowdloan Hardcap: 8,000,000 DOT
Token Reward Pool:
20,000,000 LIT (20% of total supply)

🎁 Rewards:

  • For each 5 DOT locked, a participant will be rewarded with a minimum of 12.5 LIT. The final reward will be calculated as a % of each participant’s contribution to the crowdloan pool. (Your DOT Contribution/Total DOT Contributions) * 20 Million LIT
  • Reward distribution: LIT rewards will be distributed linearly in each block. The distribution will start once the Litentry parachain runs on Polkadot relay chain and will end when the parachain slot expires (after 96 weeks)

🎁 Bonuses:

Early Bird Bonus (Up to +10%, contributions through polkadot.js and Litentry Crowdloan WebApp):

  • 10% additional bonus before parachain auction starts;
  • 5% additional bonus within the first 7 days since parachain auction starts;

DID related Bonus (Up to +10%)

2M LIT bonus pool as rewards for completing identity-related tasks. The tasks will be gradually announced.

Failure compensation for DOTs contributor in Crowdloan:
If Litentry doesn’t win a slot in batch 1 auctions, Litentry will compensate the previous batch contributors in the new crowdloan campaign with extra LIT until it wins a slot in the auctions. The compensate ratio is DOT : LIT = 1 : 0.12

PNS Bonus:
Polkadot Name System, giving contributors free Polkadot domain names. All participants who contribute more than 10 DOT to the Litentry Crowdloan can earn a Polkadot domain name (.dot) for free after verification (. year). Contributions through various decentralized platforms are valid, but centralized exchanges are not supported by PNS at the moment.

❗️ Earn more with:

Bifrost: Bifrost will provide Litentry corwdloan contributors with liquidity DOT derivatives (vsDOT & vsBond) and launch an extra Reward Farming Pool (6,400 BNC + 35,000 LIT) for DOTs contributing through Bifrost!

Parallel: 4 PARA tokens for every 1 DOT contributed via Parallel. LIT bonus TBA.

💎 Manta Network (updated)

Manta Network is building an interoperable privacy layer for the Polkadot ecosystem.

| Crowdloan in detail | Participate |

Crowdloan cap: 30,000,001 DOTs
Reward pool: 156,000,005 MANTA, or 15.6% of the total supply, where:

🎁 Base rewards:


Early Contribution Rewards:
- Prior to the First Auction — 10 % bonus
- Before the End of the Third Auction — 5% bonus

Referral bonus:
Each referral rewards 5% extra MANTA. That 5% is split between the referrer (2.5%) and the referred (2.5%). Participate with our referral code.

MantaPay Liquidity Event
3% of the token supply (30,000,001 MANTA) will be distributed to contributors of Manta crowdloan who complete deposit milestones on the MantaPay.

To claim the rewarded MANTA, contributors will need to deposit eligible crypto assets on MantaPay once MantaPay launches. The purpose of this event is to incentivize early crowdloan contributors to experience and enjoy MantaPay’s on-chain privacy payment.

The Bonus NFT

As an added bonus, anyone who receives the referral bonus (including the referrer) will receive an exclusive Manta Network NFT titled Friends with Benefits.

❗️ Earn more with:

Parallel: 10% extra bonus to auction loan contributors + 4 PARA tokens for every 1 DOT contributed via Parallel.

Bifrost: contributing through Bifrost you’ll get ulocked vsDOT and vsBond + BNC bonus!

💎 Darwinia Network

As an open cross-chain bridge protocol based on Substrate, Darwinia focuses on the construction of future Internet of Tokens.

| Crowdloan page | Token Economy |Crowdloan details|

Tokens: RING, KTON

🎁 Crowdloan reward pool: 200,000,000 RING and 8,000 KTON (%)

🎁 Bonuses:

- 20% Early bird bonus for contributions before the second-round auction starts

- 5% — 8% Referral bonus: contributions made through your referral link will reward your and your friend with an extra 5% each. Top 10 referrers will receive an additional 1–3% boost to raise your referral reward up to 8%

- 1 BTC for supporters contributing more than 10,000 DOT (third-party exchanges or PLO aggregators are not eligible) before the second round auction starts, and ranking top 5

  • Metaverse NFT Package
    You can get a Evolution Land Metaverse NFT Package, including Land, Apostle, Drills and treasure boxes, when your contribution share greater or equal 10 DOT
  • Evolution Land’s NFT prize pool includes a total of 200 NFT lands, 400 NFT generation-0 apostles, and 400 treasure chests. One or more of which can be randomly obtained;
    Each unique address can obtain a maximum of one blind box


10% RING rewards will be immediately released after Darwinia wins the auction, and the other 90% RING rewards will be linearly released.

KTON is the commitment token of Darwinia Network. 8,000 KTON prize pool will be linearly rewarded after Darwinia wins the auction.

❗️ Earn more with:

Parallel: 4 PARA tokens for every 1 DOT contributed via Parallel.
Equilibrium: get xDOT for each Dot contributed via Equilibrium + parachain rewards.

💎 SubGame

SubGame represents a Polkadot-based public chain development team. It intends to create a public chain with cross-chain interoperability and may develop various sorts of application scenarios, in addition to game apps, to create a common cross-chain industry.

| Crowdloan page | Documentation |

Token: GSGB coin (GSGB is powered by SubGame Gamma. It’s a reward token for taking part in SubGame Gamma crowdloan operations. It has the same value as the SubGame mainnet token (SGB) and may be exchanged 1:1 for SGB via SubGame Bridge)

Crowdloan Cap: 400 000 DOTs

Total Supply: 500 million

Reward Pool: 34 million (6,8% of the total supply)

🎁Reward Ratio: 1 DOT: 5 GSGB during the crowdloan activity period, followed by 1 DOT: 8 GSGB during the slot rental period


The rewards are released for a total of 96 weeks, with 10% of the 1 DOT : 8 GSGB rewards provided upon transferability and 0.93% issued every week after.

💎 Centrifuge

Centrifuge, the first protocol to connect DeFi to the real-world, is now entering the untapped multi-trillion dollar sector of real-world assets (RWA). Businesses are using Centrifuge today to gain access to the liquidity provided by DeFi, while investors fund assets in exchange for an attractive, consistent rate.

| Crowdloan page | Documentation | Token economy |

There is 15% of the CFG supply (65.7M CFG) reserved for DOT contributors to the Centrifuge crowdloan. The entire reserved supply will be distributed to all crowdloan participants as a base reward (this does not include bonuses, which are minted on top)

Token: CFG coin

🎁Reward Ratio: 1 DOT = 3.65 CFG


  • Early Bird Bonus: You will earn an extra 10% bonus on your base reward if you contribute DOT in the first 72 hours of the crowdloan opening. Check the countdown on the website to see whether the early bird period is still ongoing
  • Referral Bonus: If you refer a friend, you can earn an extra 5 % for yourself and the person who uses your referral bonus on the amount that they contribute. Minimum contribution must be met to qualify. You get 5% on every amount where your referral is used and they get 5 % as well
  • Heavyweight: contribute 5K DOT or more and receive a 5% heavyweight bonus on your base rewards
  • Loyalty Bonus: (also known as the Double Trouble bonus on Altair 😈) if you contributed KSM to Altair and also DOT to Centrifuge you will receive an additional 5% bonus on your CFG rewards

Contributors must use the Polkadot portal or the Centrifuge contribution site directly to qualify for these bonuses. Contributing through a third-party application, such as an exchange, does not guarantee qualifying for these bonuses.

💎 Equilibrium

According to the project developers, Equilibrium’s cross-chain protocol will provide pooled lending, borrowing, trading, and staking services. By providing a “single interface” for DeFi use cases, the protocol’s creators want to make Ethereum and other blockchains completely compatible with one another.

| Crowdloan page | Token economy | Documentation | Crowdloan in detail |

Token: EQ coin

Total supply: 12 billion

Reward Pool: 2.4 billion (20% of total supply, 400 million distributed already

Crowdloan Hardcap: 7.75 million DOT

🎁Reward Ratio: 1 DOT = 200 EQ


  • Referral bonus (3% for referrals / 3% for referrers)
  • 15% + X on contributions over 10K DOT
  • Up to 10% for our supporters in PLO Phase 1 and Genshiro Crowdloan
  • Up to 15% for waitlist users


10% of the total allotment is accessible immediately upon parachain launch, with the other 90% vesting linearly over the length of the parachain lease period (two years).

💎 Nodle

The goal of Nodle is to link the next trillion things to the Internet. Nodle uses Bluetooth Minimal Energy (BLE) across millions of smartphones and routers to connect IoT devices to the Internet at a low cost while retaining privacy and security. Nodle’s decentralized wireless network presently consists of 5 million daily active cellphones, 30 million IoT devices detected daily in over 100 countries, and moves approximately 100 GB of data.

| Crowdloan page | Wiki | Crowdloan in Detail | Token economy |

Token: NODL coin

Total Supply: 21 billion

Reward Pool: 850 milliion (4.05% of total supply)

🎁Reward Ratio: 1 DOT = 20 NODL


  • The top 10.000 contributors will receive a special matrix-inspired “Decentralized” NFT
  • If you contribute during the first two weeks, you will receive a 10% bonus
  • Referral bonus of 10% (split 5 % to referrer & 5% to referred)


30% will be unlocked instantly when the Nodle parachain starts, while 70% will vest on a per-block basis during the duration of the lease (96 weeks).

💎 Interlay

Interlay is a decentralized network that connects crypto-currencies to DeFi platforms such as Polkadot and Ethereum. The Interlay network, which is hosted as a Polkadot parachain, will be linked to Cosmos, Ethereum, and other known DeFi networks.

| Crowdloan page | Documentation | Crowdloan in detail | Token economy |

Token: INTR coin

Total Supply: 1 billion

Reward Pool: 100 million (10% of total supply)

🎁Reward Ratio: 1 DOT = 3.46 INTR


  • If you contributed to the Kintsugi Crowdloan, you will receive a 2.5% bonus (the same account must be used)
  • 10% bonus if you contribute before the start of Auction #6
  • If you contribute more than $50,000 in DOT, you will receive a 10% bonus
  • Referral bonus of 10% (split 5 % to referrer & 5% to referred)


30% will be unlocked when transfers are enabled, while 70% will vest linearly over 96 weeks.

💎 Crust

Crust is a decentralized storage mechanism that uses the incentive layer protocol. It is flexible to a variety of storage layer protocols, including IPFS, and it supports the application layer. Crust’s architecture can also enable a decentralized compute layer and create a decentralized cloud ecosystem.

| Join the crowdloan | Documentation | Crowdloan in detail | Token economy |

Token: CRU coin

Total Supply: 20 million

Reward Pool: 1 million (5% of total supply)

🎁Reward Ratio: 1 DOT = 0.2 CRU


  • Early Bird (for Bifrost users): contributions made before January 20th, 2022 will earn a 30% CRU bonus, while contributions made after January 20th, 2022 will receive 20%
  • Parallel Bonus: 4 PARA per each DOT contributed and 5% general bonus
  • 10,000 CRU will be given out in a lucky draw to ten winners chosen at random (1 DOT receives 1 lottery ticket)


30% of the reward will be released immediately, and the remaining 70% will be released monthly over the rental time.

💎 Coinversation

Polkadot Ecology’s Coinversation Protocol is the first DEFI2.0 protocol platform. It has evolved from a synthetic asset protocol to a derivative ecosystem that includes parachains, decentralized exchanges, synthetic asset and stablecoin protocols.

| Crowdloan page |

Token: CTO coin

Total Supply: 100 million

Crowdloan Hardcap: 6 million DOT

Reward Pool: 22.5 million (22.5% of total supply)

🎁Reward Ratio: 1 DOT = 3.75 CTO


  • Users who complete voting through the official auction event page will receive 2% of the $CTO reward. It will be split into two parts: the bonus pool and the lottery pool. The reward will be increasing gradually. When the number of auction participants reaches 2,000, the bonus pool will be opened at 7% (0.14 percent of total supply), and the lottery pool will be unlocked at 3% (0.06 percent of total supply) of the awards from 2%. The entire reward pool will be unlocked if the number of auctioneers exceeds 18,000 persons
  • Users that vote through third parties will receive an additional 0.25% of $CTO. This group of users can share the reward pool in a proportional manner
  • 1,000 .dot domains are free to claim for the first 1000 participants who contribute at least 10 DOT to the Coinversation Crowdloan and claim on the Polkadot Name System


25% will be released initially, and the remaining 75% will be delivered on a block-by-block basis over the next two years.

💎 HydraDX

HydraDX is a cross-chain liquidity protocol for the Polkadot ecosystem, which is designed as a parachain to provide a native exchange solution for substrate-based assets as well as cross-chain compatibility with various networks. It is Substrate-based, open and permissionless.

| Crowdloan page | Documentation | Crowdloan in detail |

Token: HDX coin

Crowdloan Cap: 8 million DOT

Total Supply: 10 billion

Reward Pool: 1 billion (10% of total supply)


  • After Hydra has established a comfortable lead, the rewards will begin to fall in a linear fashion. They will be at their lowest when HydraDX has a 25% or greater lead. Contributions made when Hydra is ahead by more than 25% will receive between 28 and 12.5 HDX per contributed DOT
  • The reward system is intended to compensate the opportunity costs of locking your DOT rather than staking it for the term of the parachain lease. Contributions made before Hydra acquired a 15% lead will have their opportunity costs repaid in full. The HDX price used in the calculation is $ 0.026. This calculation is based on the closing HDX LBP price of $ 0.08 (February 2021), after accounting for the future tripling of all balances accumulated during the testnet


  • Contributions made before HydraDX had a 15% lead in the race already got the most rewards — between 280 and 125 HDX per provided DOT


The HDX rewards will be provided in a linear fashion. The distribution will begin after HydraDX has been accepted as a Polkadot parachain and the transfer from Snakenet (Hydra’s testnet) has been accomplished.

💎 Phala

Phala Network is a Substrate-based decentralized cloud computing protocol that attempts to compete with established cloud computing services like Amazon AWS and Google Cloud.

| Crowdloan page | Documentation | Crowdloan in detail |

Token: PHA coin

Crowdloan Cap: 8 million DOT

Total Supply: 1 billion

Reward Pool: 100 million (10% of total supply)

🎁Reward Ratio: 1 DOT = 12 PHA

🎁Extra Reward

  • The only extra reward is the Old Gangster Bonus. Contributors from the previous Khala Kusama auction will receive a 5% bonus reward on top of the standard rewards. So will those with more than 300 PHA on Khala addresses prior to block height #902400. Check here if you are in the bonus list


When Phala gets a slot and successfully runs as a parachain, 15% of total rewards (including basic and extra) will be instantly vested to contributors’ addresses. The remaining 85% will be vested weekly over the period of 96 weeks.

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