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Kusama Parachain Auctions

Pontem, Sora, Pichiu, Crab

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🔗Pontem Nox

Pontem Nox

Pontem network is the first (and only) project aiming to bridge permissioned and public blockchain ecosystems that will allow for the exchange of data and value between these two metaverses.

Nox is Pontem’s incentivized ‘canary’ network where code and features will first ship for the Pontem Network. It’s a no-limits permissionless network that will serve as a sandbox for integrating regulatory compliance and regulatory compliant bridge to Pontem on Polkadot.

| Documentation | Crowdloan page | Join waitlist |


SORA is both a supranational global economic system that decentralizes the concept of a central bank and a Polkadot ecosystem network that will connect to the Polkadot relay chain and the parachains with built-in DeFi tools. SORA has been scheduled to become a parachain of both Kusama and Polkadot from the first announcement of Polkaswap. The first parachain of the SORA ecosystem on Kusama has finally arrived.

| Token economy | Sora Wiki |

Token: XOR coin

Total supply: Supply is elastically managed by a token bonding curve smart contract with buy and sell price functions.

Reward pool: It is suggested that 5000 XOR be minted, 2000 XOR will be used to purchase PSWAP, 2000 XOR will be used to purchase VAL, and 500 XOR will be used to purchase XSTUSD. The PSWAP, VAL, and XSTUSD will then be vested to reward crowdloan contributors, while the remaining 500 XOR will be delivered unvested.

Reward Model: Total rewards received will be determined by the amount raised and distributed equally based on donations; a hard cap of 100,000 KSM is expected.


Rewards will be vested in a linear fashion every day, beginning with the SORA network update that initiates reward vesting and terminating at around the expiration time of the SORA Kusama parachain lease.

Bonus Rewards

SORA, unlike some other crypto projects, aspires for a more egalitarian and economically sustainable reward distribution, hence no whale bonuses are offered. Everyone who contributes KSM to the SORA parachain crowdloan will be rewarded equitably and on-chain, with no backdoor transactions.


Pichiu represents Kylin’s Network canary parachain on Kusama. Its main goal is to use Kusama to construct a cross-chain platform that will power the data economy. The network will deliver data sources and data analytics that are legitimate, dependable, secure, cost-effective, and easy to coordinate.

| Crowdloan in detail |

Coin: PCHU

Total Supply: 1 billion

Loan Cap: 30 000 KSM

Reward Ratio: 1 KSM = 350 PCHU


30% will be released at the TGE, while the remaining 70% will be released in blocks over the duration of the parchain slot lease.


Crab is Darwinia’s canary network, and it is the first blockchain in the Kusama ecosystem to natively support cross-chain, smart contracts, as well as NFT.

| Crowdloan page | Token economy | Documentation | Crowdloan in detail |

Primary Token: CRAB

Total Supply: 2 billion

Crowdloan Reward Pool: 2 million (10% of total supply)

Reward Ratio: 1 KSM = 4000 CRAB


  • BTC Reward (regardless of whether Crab Network wins the slot auction or not, 1 BTC will be distributed to the top 5 contribution pioneers who donated more than 1,000 KSM immediately after the closing period of the first slot of the batch 5 auction begins)
  • 8,000 CKTON — the commitment token of Crab Network (after Crab wins the auction, a 8.000 CKTON prize fund will be distributed in a linear fashion)
  • NFT Metaverse Package (as of whether Crab Network wins the slot auction or not, the package will be awarded immediately after the batch 5 sale concludes)
  • Referral bonus (contributions made using your referral link will earn you and your contact an additional 5% each, the top-10 referrers will receive an additional 1–3 percent bump, bringing your referral reward up to 8%.


The rewards from the Crab Crowdloan will be transferred with 10% unlocked immediately and the remainder vested throughout the duration of the parachain slot lease.

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