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Polkadot News
Polkadot News
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It’s with a mix of gratitude and nostalgia that I announce this is our last issue. In an amazing three-year journey, we’ve delved into 205 articles and fostered a community of 50,000 on Twitter and 5,000 on Medium and Telegram.

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Polkadot News

Polkadot / Kusama

  • Cardano will use Substrate, the foundation of the Polkadot SDK, to build out its “partner chain” project — showcasing Substrate’s potential to expand across Web3, and its ease of use for other chains and ecosystems.
  • Messari has published State of Polkadot Q3 2023.
  • Version 1.3.0 of Parity’s Polkadot Host has been released.
  • This is for Polkadot OpenGov participants: please read carefully and share. With the next runtime upgrade on the 20th Nov at 11:23 UTC, conviction voting locks on Polkadot will be 4x times longer.
  • Do you have time to participate in Polkadot OpenGov? You can delegate your DOT and voting power to experts in the community. Remain in control: change your delegation or take back your voting power at any time.
  • Web3 Foundation has announced the Decentralized Futures program, which will allocate US$ 20 million and 5 million DOT to innovative teams building the future of Polkadot.

Acala / Karura

  • The efficacy of Acala’s LDOT as a staking vehicle has not gone unnoticed, resulting in partnerships that herald exciting prospects. Details.
  • Acala and Credora Platform have teamed up to create an innovative and compliant lending vehicle for Bitcoin that uses Acala’s liquid staking protocol LDOT as the source of yield.
  • Discover Chopsticks: The Ultimate Tool for a Personal Blockchain Playground Crafted by the Acala team, Chopsticks offers limitless potential in exploration, testing, and development.

HydraDX / Basilisk

  • HydraDX is once again participating in the Polkadot DOT maximum bidding.
  • An HRMP channel has just been opened between Subsocial and HydraDX, allowing tokens to be transferred between the two chains.
  • The HydraDX Monthly for October is out. Polkadot Technical Fellowship planning to use HydraDX DCA, launch of Stableswap, INTR in Omnipool, and more.


  • Dive into Ontology’s use cases as the team has updated the Docs section.
  • Ontology has partnered with Bware Labs. Together, they will enhance blockchain scalability and efficiency for a smoother dApp experience

Phala / Khala

  • Learn more about dynamic NFT creation with Phala’s latest guide. Powered by Phat Contract, this blog article provides insights for crafting NFTs that change with real-world weather. Ideal for developers and NFT enthusiasts.
  • Phala is introducing its new Phat Updates content series for adhoc Phat Contract updates.
  • Polkadot HRMP channels between Phala and the Polkadex parachain are now open and functional.
  • From events and hackathons to team insights, partnerships, and new content, Phala’s latest recap has it all.

Energy Web

  • Energy Web’s developers have dedicated tireless efforts to create numerous solutions and applications, making October an incredibly productive month. In recognition of their hard work, take a moment to review the statistics here.
  • The Energy Web X team is building a new interactive galaxy connecting people with real-world Web 3 solutions, all powered by EWT tokens.
  • Digital spines are revolutionizing the way electricity systems communicate with distributed energy resources. Check out this video to learn about Energy Web’s Digital Spine solution.

Crust / Shadow

  • Crust is heading to Istanbul for Devconnect and its associated events from Nov 11–17.
  • Have you tried Crust Cloud yet? It now supports Web3Bucket minting on Arbitrum and Ethereum.

Litentry / Litmus

  • Litentry is excited to reveal its game-changing partnership with VIP3, as it unleashes its revolutionary Layer 2 Gold Cards. The team secured 5 exclusive VIP3 Gold Passes, specially reserved for the community.
  • Litentry is thrilled to announce a game-changing partnership with DWF Labs, a global leader in digital asset market-making and Web3 investments.

Astar / Shiden / Startale Labs

  • QuickSwap has launched on the Astar zkEVM testnet. Be one of the first to explore DeFi on this new ecosystem chain built with Polygon CDK.
  • The word decentralization is often thrown around. Yet, it is not so easy to achieve without the full support of the community. Here are a few words on what Astar is doing to decentralize and create a resilient system of governance.
  • Astar is welcoming developers to Astar zkEVM with a Tech Talk. This is an introduction to interacting with the zKatana, the project’s zkEVM testnet powered by Polygon CDK to scale Ethereum.
  • Uncover the secrets of Astar’s groundbreaking governance in The Astar Bulletin.


  • StakeDOT has been a trend within the Polkadot ecosystem, with Bifrost collecting over 3 Million DOT Staked. Now, it is possible to mint vDOT directly on Omni LS dApp using Astar.
  • Bifrost vDOT has been added to the new EQ Finance by Equilibrium, and it is now available as collateral to mint EQD.

Interlay / Kintsugi

  • Bifrost has launched a new Proposal on Interlay Gov. The Proposal #88 aims to create a vDOT-INTR Pair, allowing users to set vDOT as a Fee Token.
  • Last month INTR, KINT, and iBTC, kBTC were featured under different categories on Coingecko. Interlay is pleased to announce that they are now featured on CoinMarketCap.

Centrifuge / Altair

Moonbeam / Moonriver

  • All 2023 Moonbeam has maintained the most active addresses of any parachain.
  • Supercharge your DOT on Moonbeam Network with stDOT. StellaSwap has recently launched liquid staked DOT (stDOT) that allows users to access POS staking easily and securely.
  • Moonbeam lit up last month with new project integrations and exchange listings, a spark of activity from Moonbeam Ignite, and other amazing headlines. Read more.
  • The new Binance Web3 Wallet has been launched and integrated with Moonbeam. The self-custody crypto wallet, available in the Binance app, allows users to manage their crypto (including GLMR), execute cross-chain swaps, earn yields, and more.
  • Native USDC has arrived at Moonbeam, bringing access to the popular Circle stablecoin and unlocking new opportunities for users and devs.


Composable Finance / Picasso / Pablo

Bit.Country / Pioneer

  • Pioneer soared past 1.000 metaverse communities and hit a groundbreaking 4 million unstoppable blocks. This is the cutting-edge of decentralized social innovation.

Manta / Calamari

  • With Celestia recently launching its mainnet, Manta is excited to begin its transition into Stage 2 of the Manta Pacific roadmap, which leverages modular DA through Celestia.
  • Manta is now integrated into OKX Wallet.
  • MantaFest has successfully concluded. It has seen tremendous interest and growth in the DApp ecosystem. With over 100 ecosystem projects and $27m in TVL, Manta Pacific continues growing and onboarding new projects and partners.

Enjin / Efinity / NFT.io

Equilibrium / Genshiro

  • How to get 15.2% APY on your liquid staked assets with EQ finance? It has never been that simple. Check Equilibrium’s quick guide.


  • Deloitte has integrated KILT infrastructure to create reusable digital credentials, transforming verification processes for individuals or entities. Details.
  • KILT celebrated its 5.000.000th block.


  • Appruvr, a platform that automates the qualification verification process for employers and candidates, integrates Dock to Empower Organizations to Verify Credentials Instantly. Learn more.
  • Even though our online identities are part of our lives, signing up to access services and products often relies on verifying physical ID documents. Dock explained how Verifiable Credentials can revolutionize the way we confirm online identities.
  • You can get DOCK tokens on these exchanges.

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Polkadot News
Polkadot News

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