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Polkadot Ecosystem Biweekly Digest. Dec 27 — Jan 9

Polkadot / Kusama

  • Last year both Polkadot & Kusama Networks launched parachains, both treasuries funded over 1K proposals, 540 forkless upgrades occurred, XCM v2 launched, Polkadot rebranded on-chain, roughly 400 meetups were held, & so much more. Polkadot 2021 roundup by Gavin Wood.
  • Polkadot’s Parachain Photobooth Campaign has come to the end! Check out whether you’re among 50 lucky winners to receive limited edition Polkadot sweaters.
  • As previously scheduled by Referendum 39, the 7th Polkadot parachain auction has begun! Auction 7 will take place over the next 7 days, with the winner being onboarded at the beginning of lease 7. 13 parachains are taking part so far and Composable Finance is currently in the lead. Details.



  • New Zenlink Feature: X-Transfer is live. It’s the MVP of a one-stop cross-chain transfer aggregator, which aggregates the Substrate <> Substrate cross-chain bridge and the EVM <> Substrate cross-chain bridge as well as token transfer functionality.
  • MOVR/ ETH LP farming and a new MOVR/ USDC farming pool was launched on Zenlink. More details.
  • Zenlink will stop the incentive of BNB/ BUSD, because now you can choose the BNB/ USDC or BUSD/ USDC farming.


  • After winning Kusama’s 20th auction, Robonomics will be onboarded as it’s 22nd parachain (20-auction winning parachains, plus Statemine & Encointer) at the start of lease 18. Over 1.2K stakeholders locked up KSM in favor!
  • Robonomics doesn’t have a plan to start crowdloan campaign on Polkadot this year. They will focus on Kusama apps for IoT startups and smart home infrastructure.


Subsocial minted the Green Subbanners for the participants of their second crowdloan. The numbers of subbanners that will be distributed based on a contributed amount of KSM.

Acala / Karura

  • Acala’s crowdloan reward distribution is now in process. Listen as Dan Reecer shares when you can anticipate token distribution and token transfers on Acala and watch the full video here.
  • Participated in Karura Network crowdloan? Check your NFT.

Edgeware / Kabocha

  • Edgeware community have approved the funding of Kabocha’s first technical milestone. Referenda 53 passed at block #9820800 and is the most engaged community vote to date with over 57m EDG locked.
  • Opensquare’s new interface for Edgeware treasury is live. A few quirks to figure out, but a new way to monitor the chain’s public wealth, here.

Darwinia / Crab

  • Would you like to support Darwinia by staking, but generally avoid Ethereum because of high fees? Now you can bypass ETH by using Snow Swap on Crab network where transactions are cheap and blazingly fast. See Darwinia Tools User Guide to understand how it works in general.
  • This tutorial will get you trading on Subswap and Snow Swap DEXs where Darwinia Network is only one hop away across the S2S bridge.
  • Darwinia team will be hosting a Hackaton on Crab Network with 100,000 USDT in prizes! Your Web3 Tools, DeFi, GameFi, NFT, or other open-source coding project may be eligible for a grand prize of up to 10K USDT in each category.
  • Crab crowdloan is now live. Early pioneers to win the BTC grand prize. Contribute your KSM here.

Phala / Khala

Phala Updates: 9 platforms are available for supporting Phala crowdloan (already started), a customized voting page on the official website was launched, Phala App UI is optimized. More information.


  • You can now contribute to Litentry Crowdloan through Bifrost. Gain liquidity vsDOT and BNC bonus on Bifrost. All crowdloan LIT rewards and referral also apply.
  • Litentry weekly report: everything you need to know concerning parachain or crowdloan.

Astar / Shiden

Now you can join the Shiden portal both from Polkadot.js and Metamask.


Interlay entered into a partnership with GSR, one of the largest market makers in crypto and crypto derivatives. GSR will support the Interlay team with its robust set of liquidity solutions, while Interlay’s efforts are towards expanding DeFi interoperability.


  • Ecosystem Updates: SORA will be participating in Kusama Parachain Slot Auctions, 2.3.0 testnet Android application will be available soon, working hard on XOR ERC-20 holder VAL vesting. Details.
  • As we reach the end of 2021, SORA compiled the highlights of this year to share their accomplishments and next steps for 2022. Read the post.

Centrifuge / Altair

  • It’s been a wild month for Centrifuge. Here’s an excellent post on their forum summarizing everything that’s happened in December.
  • The Real World Asset (RWA) Market is now live. Built on Centrifuge and the Aave Protocol, the RWA Market bridges DeFi to the infinite potential of the real world.

Kylin / Pichiu

  • The quick video with the plans for Pichiu.
  • Kylin is now working with Bifrost Finance to deliver their SALP solution to allow not only an effortless way to contribute to Pichiu Crowdloan, but a nifty way for contributors to maintain the liquidity of their bound KSM.

Unique / Quartz

Want to know how Unique Network created the next-generation NFT chain, capable of supporting innovative use cases and liberating NFTs from the collectibles? Read more.

Crust Network

  • After winning the 19th parachain slot on Kusama, Crust Shadow is about to be onboarded .
  • Crust is currently participating in the second batch of Polkadot slot auctions. Check out this article to see the different ways that you can contribute in the crowdloan.
  • It’s time to upgrade to sWorker V1.1.1! Crust prepared 20,000 CRU in rewards for those that upgrade their node. Learn more.
  • Crust Files, your first personal Web3 storage in the Metaverse, was recently announced to launch.

Moonbeam / Moonriver

  • Moonbeam’s launch to Polkadot is planned to be completed by January 11, after completing phase 2 of its launch process. During this phase, Sudo (superuser key) will be removed, and EVM & Balance transfers will be enabled. See more.
  • NFTrade’s integration with Moonriver will allow MOVR users to easily create, buy, sell, p2p swap, farm, and launch NFTs in a decentralized and non-custodial way. Learn more in this tweet.

Manta / Calamari

Parallel Finance / Heiko

  • Parallel contributors to Acala’s crowdloan, here are some updates for you: both Parallel Finance and Acala Network teams are working on the ACA reward distribution via Parallel. They will share news on reward distribution once development and testing are complete. ETA: less than a week.
  • Parallel Heiko has already enabled “Balances Transfer” since the last runtime upgrade. You can now make transfer on Parallel Heiko chain.

HydraDX / Basilisk

  • HydraDX Crowdloan is live. See the details.
  • Introducing LHDX: a proxy which allows the protocol to determine the price of all other assets in the pool. This is the first part in the series on The Omnipool, mechanics and economics of HydraDX.

Equilibrium / Genshiro

  • Equilibrium x Moonbeam Network friendship bundle bonus for users who are friends with both projects: If you have voted for Moonbeam via their website, bid for Equilibrium with xDOT and get your 10% reward till Jan 22 on top of their current 20%, which sums up to 30%.
  • Genshiro has bridged with HECO Chain. It’s the first practical DeFi use case for DOT by way of hDOT. Bridge hDOT, use it as a collateral and borrow actual DOT then. Use those tokens to participate in Polkadot crowdloans.


  • Are you a great networker? Or maybe you have a talent for communication & can explain the underlying tech using infographics or videos? Integritee introduced their Ambassador Program.
  • Back Integritee in their latest Kusama crowdloan campaign & receive significantly higher fixed TEER rewards than last time. They are offering 40 TEER for every KSM bonded.
  • Have an eye for graphics and design. Create an infographic that explains any aspect of the Integritee network, post it to their Telegram channel in any week in January, and you could win TEER token prizes. Details.

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