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Polkadot Ecosystem Weekly Digest. April 18–24

Polkadot / Kusama

  • Litentry has officially won the 15th Polkadot parachain auction.
  • Polkadot v0.9.19 has been released with LOW upgrade priority.
  • Have a great Metaverse idea but need some support & direction? This session seeks to engage everyone from general crypto enthusiasts and the Polkadot community, to devs and engineers who want to get stuck right in. Tune in to Web3 Talks on April 28 to join the conversation.
  • XCM is the “cross-consensus” messaging format, rather than just “cross-chain”. Discover the basics of how it’s designed to work.

Acala / Karura

  • Imbue Network integrates aUSD as the default stablecoin option in its decentralized crowdfunding platform on Polkadot. Initiators and contributors can receive funding in aUSD to mitigate value fluctuation, preserving long-term capital. Learn more.
  • Interested in earning additional ACA? You can become a liquidity provider and earn from 1 million ACA in liquidity mining incentives. Participate here after checking the guide.
  • Citizendxyz and Acala are working together to launch its natively-built token launch platform on the Karura Network EVM+, leveraging aUSD as the platform’s default stablecoin. Join the waitlist.
  • Karura has announced the first phase of Karura’s EVM+ (EVM + Substrate environment) launch will begin next week with the launch of the Wormhole bridge. EVM+ launch on Acala will follow soon after Karura’s public EVM+ launch.


  • Bifrost is collaborating with Moonbeam Network to list BNC and MOVR on both chains through XCM integration. They also plan to provide Moonriver with derivative assets (vMOVR) to increase the staking rate and network decentralization.
  • The Bifrost Crowdloan on Polkadot is now live. Gain BNC rewards and release locked DOT liquidity with SALP. Follow the video and contribute here.

Astar / Shiden

  • Japanese Yen-pegged stablecoin JPYC is now available on Astar. Learn more.
  • Astar rolls out the first NFT Pitch Contest.
  • Shiden has announced their 2nd crowdloan on Kusama Network. They will aim to collect 15,000 Kusama tokens ($KSM), setting 350,000 SDN reward budget. Details.

Interlay / Kintsugi

kBTC Cross-chain transfers have been enabled. You can now transfer it from Kintsugi to Karura Network.

Centrifuge / Altair

  • Learn more about what’s coming next for Real World Assets (and the CFG token) in lucasvo’s roadmap here.
  • Crowdloan claims are now open. If you contributed DOT to help Centrifuge secure a Polkadot parachain slot, you can now claim your rewards

Moonbeam / Moonriver

  • XC-20 is the new cross-chain token standard for the dotsama ecosystem. XC-20 assets conform to ERC-20 standards for EVM compatibility, but are also native to the Substrate framework that powers kusama. Learn more about XC-20s on Moonriver in this post.
  • Moonbeam has announced the opening of the Moonbuilders Academy, their first learning hub and educational platform for developers.


Talisman & SubWallet have integrated with Zenlink Testnet.

Parallel Finance / Heiko

Have you contributed to a KSM Сrowdloan that didn’t win a slot, but you would like to contribute to another? Or stake for some additional rewards? Read Parallel’s medium guide to get you going.

Equilibrium / Genshiro

  • Equilibrium has distributed xDOT to Equilibrium’s voters: assets will appear in your wallets on Genshiro automatically. Check out this step-by-step guide and learn how you can benefit from your xDOT.
  • Support Polkadex’s Crowdloan via xDOT and get 10 EQ : 1 DOT + 1 xDOT : 1 DOT + extra bonuses. Read more.


A fantabulous SubstraKnights writeup in progress on one of the more interesting collections on RMRK.


KILT Protocol introduces Web3name, allowing users to have a unique digital name in Web3.


SORA has published the April 20th Ecosystem Updates. There is a lot of exciting progress.


Join Dock Wallet App Beta Testing Program and win 12,500 DOCK in rewards. Submit your email id here.


Robonomics launches Ambassador Program. The Robonomics team invites everyone who is passionate about the idea of the project, and is ready to contribute to the development and promotion of Robonomics in the international arena for cooperation.

Unique / Quartz

Read Unique’s latest blog for new details on crowdloan rewards and bonuses, eligibility, the UNQ token, MintFest and more (including a special rewards calculator).

Crust / Shadow

CSM can be used as collateral and governance token in Crust Shadow. You can also trade CSM on DEX in the Kusama network through the HRMP mechanism in the near future. Learn more.

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