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Polkadot Ecosystem Weekly Digest. Aug 16 — Aug 22.


  • Polkadot Web 3 Talks on all things DAOs — August 31st. Register to hear Acala’s Bette Chen, Edgeware’s Dillon Chen and Nodle’s Eliott Teiss discuss the challenges DAOs face and their practical experiences using DAOs in the Polkadot ecosystem.
  • Referendum 31 has been passed & executed, setting minimal nomination to 80 DOT. If you’re already nominating with < 80 DOT, you may be chilled
  • Tokensoft announced support for Polkadot projects participating in Parachain Slot Auctions. Polkadot community projects can use the Tokensoft platform to bootstrap a bid on Polkadot Parachain slots, raise funds in $DOT and more.
  • Polkadot 0.9.9–1 has been released with HIGH priority


  • The sixth Kusama parachain slot auction will begin on September 1st!
    Five auctions happen over five weeks with a pause for evaluation of overall network performance before a third batch of five auctions begins in a similar schedule. Read more
  • Network Stability Report: Kusama With Parachains by Robert Habermeier. “The only major issue is the infrequent finality stalls that are experienced by the network. … a solution to remedy this will be proposed prior to parachains launching on Polkadot.”


Bifrost Finance announces the third wave of its Ambassador Program.
Bifrost Ambassadors are code writers, community builders, authors, content producers, translators and are part of Bifrost’s growth process. Join Polkadot News at the Bifrost Ambassador team!


Enter the Zenlink Community Contribution Carnival to share 10,000 $ZLK Prize Pool!

Unique Network

Short About: Unique Network — overview of Substrate-based multifunctional NFT platform with wallets, marketplaces, smart contracts and NFT interoperability. Video version.


MantaNetwork and AcalaNetwork have successfully implemented cross-chain communication on testnet using XCM, a cross-chain message system designed for Polkadot.


You can now scale your Ethereum DeFi project to Polkadot on the fully EVM-compatible Acala EVM+ for access to hundreds of thousands of new users and billions in new TVL, using the same tooling, like Truffle and MetaMask, that you’re used to. Read more


Moonbeam partnered with BwareLabs. Devs can now create fully-fledged RPC & WSS endpoints on Moonbase Alpha (Moonbeam TestNet). Try it out


Shiden Treasury is activated today. Here is the address


  • PhalaNetwork has launched Para-1 testnet. Para-1 is a testnet based on parachain mechanisms, replacing the original PoC series of testnets for Phala.
    Para-1 introduces the new Token Economics and the TEE mining mechanism for TEE Workers.
  • There is a new proposal to vote on — Stake $CAKE to earn $PHA and Stake PHA-BNB to earn CAKE. If passed, the farm and Syrup Pool will launch at approx 9am UTC on August 24th. Vote for free here


In order to enhance the product’s user experience and to improve on-chain security, OAK team launched the “Bug-Bounty” program.

The standard rewards are:
-High-risk: $2,500 and above
Medium-risk: $1,000 and above
Low-risk: up to $500


RAZE wrote the first article of its educational privacy series — Privacy Matters.

Parallel Finance

Parallel Finance is hosting the Polkadot’s First Ever DeFi Panel Series on 9PM UTC, Aug 26. The opening talk has invited speakers from Web3 Foundation, Polychain Capital, ParityTech, Parallel Finance, Acala and Moonbeam. Register here.

Polkadot News

Kusama Parachain Auctions — PLO strategies of the Second Batch Candidates, part 1: Genshiro, Robonomics, Basilisk, Calamari by Polkadot News.

New projects in the Polkadot ecosystem


CoinAsk is a paid Q&A forum dedicated in building a collaborative platform for Chinese blockchain and Polkadot ecosystem.


Authtrail is a SaaS platform that provides contract-based integrity to enterprise data. Deployed on a cloud, it periodically anchors data fingerprints to the blockchain to ensure data integrity while increasing performance and decreasing transaction costs.

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Polkadot News

Polkadot News


Polkadot Ecosystem: Weekly Digest and Projects overview. Polkadot Ambassador.