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Polkadot Ecosystem Weekly Digest. Aug 2 — Aug 8.


By PolkaProject


BNC rewards details available through apps.vtoken.io. Distributed tokens are not tradable or transferable now. According to the roadmap, Bifrost will go live in five phases, and after the BNC distribution is complete, the following process will take place in sequence via Runtime on-chain upgrades.

1. Deployment of the Council Committee
2. Deploy Democracy Referendum Governance
3. Deploy the Technical Committee module
4. Identify the first members of the Council and Technical Committee
5. Enter POA governance phase
6. remove Sudo Super Admin
7. Launch vsKSM and vsBond to open referendum transfers
8. Go live with SALP protocol
9. BNC opens transfer proposal initiation and enters referendum.

More details on the go-live steps and roadmap will be announced in the near future.


  • Participants of Zenlink historical activities can now check ZLK award records. Rewards for Zenlink 1st public test and community idea competition will be updated later.
  • Zenlink Monthly Updates:
    — Enabling the convergence of multiple implementations of the Zenlink DEX Protocol.
    — Upgrade Zenlink testnet for the next public testing.
    — Submit a new PR ready for integration to Shiden and Bifrost.


  • Karura, the all-in-one DeFi hub of Kusama, has launched trading and Liquidity Pools on Karura Swap, along with liquidity mining rewards. Karura Dollar (kUSD) minting is also live with $KSM as collateral.
  • The latest Karura community call covered launch roadmap, governance proposals, liquidity provider rewards program.
  • Intro to Karura” by Dan Reecer .
    14min about Karura Swap, kUSD stablecoin, Liquid KSM staking (LKSM), KAR governance token, Karura Treasury.



Ethereum — Khala Bridge is live now. ERC20 PHA can be swapped to the Khala chain in a decentralized way with no fee beyond an Ethereum transaction fee. In the Khala economic model, K-PHA can be swapped with ERC20-PHA at 1:1.



  • Kilt is now preparing for the next batch of Kusama parachain auctions. To reward those community members who will support Kilt crowdloan, Kilt reserved 4.5 million KILT tokens. The guidelines for the crowdloan will be announced after Kusama auctions dates are announced.


HydraDX mainnet launch and HDX token unlock is planned for Q4 2021.
After the Basilisk LBP (Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool) event there will be BSX airdrops to HDX holders (vested, unlocked over time).


  • ChainX created an overview of what it is and how it all fits together. Take a dive into the mind of the team and see what they see!
  • ComingChat has been upgraded to support ETH and USDT assets.
    To celebrate, they are giving out 10 million MiniX. For every member you invite to register on Coming, you get 2 MiniX points.
    Check out Medium article about the new upgrades.
  • ComingChat marketplace for trading NFTs will open in September.

Totem Live

  • Totem, a Polkadot-based peer-to-peer accounting platform, added Chainlink price feeds to the world’s first official decentralized daily reference exchange rate (“reference rate” for short) for crypto and fiat currencies. The decentralized daily reference exchange rate, a financial instrument used in accounting, is now available on the Totem Live app, built on the Totem Live Accounting protocol

Unique Network

The United Nations has partnered with Unique Network in an effort to utilize NFTs to amplify messages of climate action.

Unique will be the lead technology partner for a program from the UN’s Human Settlement Programme and International Association for the Advancement of Innovative Approaches to Global Challenges, which will mint young artists’ work as NFTs. The program, called Digital Art for Climate Action Empowerment, or DigitalArt4Climate, encourages creators to showcase artwork inspiring people to work toward finding better solutions for the environment.


Dock has integrated Parity’s Frontier Project enabling the deployment of Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) smart contracts on the Dock Network. Learn more


  • Current TVL of StaFi rTokens reached $59m USDT, and the total revenue generated by StaFi is around $210k USDT. (rToken Analytics)
  • StaFi rETH app has been integrated into Hyperpay Wallet. A StakingDrop will be launched on 4PM, August 5, UTC. Anyone who stakes ETH through HyperPay will win FIS as a reward (more).
  • $388K deposited on Tidal to get cover for StaFi staking contracts (like rETH and rBridge). Users can deposit USDC and farm TIDAL with 74.73% APR. Portal: https://app.tidal.finance
    Insurance can cover the potential loss of hacks. If you are confident with low-risk staking contracts of StaFi and looking for a high yield product, welcome to stake.


After the community voting Raze has completed its investor token vesting schedule entirely. There will be no more token releases from early investors/advisors. It would increase circulating supply in the short term, but eliminate new selling pressure in the long term. All of the investor/advisor tokens have been unlocked at this stage.


  • Mangata finance was accepted into DeFi Alliance startup accelerator
    The program’s alumni are projects such as Acala, Sushiswap, 0x or Synthetix, which are the top DeFi protocols.
    Overall, the network contains 150+ Member Companies, 30+ Market Makers, 60+ Funds, and 400+ Individual Members.
  • Mangata partners with Composable.
    Composable Parachain Launchpad is a way of perpetual crowdloan, that helps liquidity providers on Ethereum get exposure to DOT | KSM.


If you have any ERC-20 FIS, PHA, RING, LIT or other tokens listed here, you are eligible to claim one COMP (China Opera Musk Plus) item, which could be sold on OpenSea freely. Only 10K Items (or until Oct 15), so first come first served.

New projects in the Polkadot ecosystem


SubVT (Substrate Validator Toolkit — former Subvalt) is a native mobile application for iOS and Android phones, tablets and wearables that provides node operators with tools


DotScanner is a next-generation blockchain explorer for Polkadot and other substrate-based networks


Introducing EverLife.AI — your very own personal AI Avatar that you can create on EverLife network. Your immutable avatar on EverLife network learns by interacting with you and acquires skills to do tasks and earn for you and your loved ones.

Banksy Finance

The first AI-driven NFT pool-based lending platform to lead a revolution of the NFT market.

Composable Finance

Picasso (our parachain) will be designed to be maximally useful for DeFi developers to build on. More specifically, it will be optimized for the innovation, construction, maintenance, symbiosis, and success of decentralized financial tools on Polkadot.


DOTMog, a substrate-based Unity3D Game about the futuristic universe of the Mogwais.

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