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Polkadot Ecosystem Weekly Digest. Dec 13 — Dec 19

  • After 5 years of research and development, and a multi-stage launch that began in May of 2020, Polkadot launch is now complete, with all auction-winning parachains currently producing blocks on the network.
  • The six first parachains were connectted to Polkadot: Statemint (common good parachain) and the 5 winners of the first 5 parachain auctions. They are: Acala, Moonbeam, Astar, Parallel Finance and Clover Networks.
  • The next batch of parachain auction starts on the 23rd of December. The second batch will feature 6 auctions in total, with the 6 winning parachains to be onboarded on or around March 11th.
  • Several projects will join the second batch of auctions and they have already opened their crowdloan campaigns. Check out the actual list of auction participants, rewards and bonuses. Don’t forget to use referral links while contributing to your preferred parachain candidate and get some more rewards!

Top 5 Polkadot auction crowdloan participants by the 19th of December:


Polkadot / Kusama

  • The proposal to decentralize Polkadot’s brand was approved on-chain by the Polkadot Council on Jan. 4th, 2021. Since then, an immense amount of research, strategy, and design development has been undertaken, outlining challenges and opportunities for the Polkadot brand.
  • Are you interested in shaping the future of the Web3 Foundation Grants Program? Web3 Foundation is looking for a Grants Team Lead.
  • After passing two stakeholder referenda, Polkadot sent its first cross-chain messages, upgrading Shell to Statemint. It just created its first blocks as Polkadot’s first common good parachain.

Acala / Karura

The Karura and Acala Bug Bounty Program on Immunefi has been announced, offering up to $1 million USD in bounties to reward our developer community for helping make our open source DeFi parachain code even stronger.

Composable Finance

  • Composable Finance team published a proposal to the Kusama Treasury for discussion to unlock $5 million KSM from the Kusama treasury in the form of a loan to Angular Finance or other lending projects aimed at kick-starting usage of DeFi applications.
  • The Composable Finance crowdloan is now live. Participants can contribute DOT or stablecoins: ETH, DAI or USDT.
  • Composable Finance announced a new integration with Moon Beans, a fast-growing NFT marketplace on Moonriver Network. In essence, Mural allows NFT’s from other ecosystems such as Ethereum and Polygon to be traded and employed on Moonriver.


Zenlink launches ZLK/KAR Bootstrap on Zenlink DEX to complete the listing of Karura’s KAR on Zenlink DEX. Liquidity incentive program will be launched accordingly. Check the details here.


Torum (an evolutionary SocialFi Metaverse ecosystem designed to connect worldwide cryptocurrency users) brings onboard Darwinia Network, Web3.0 Cross-Chain Bridge Hub.

Edgeware / Kabocha

  • Edgeware is trying something new: a Recruitment Quiz for decentralizing the community moderation — with EDG to earn. A great way to build some cred + skills in crypto and to become a Substrate brain. Find more here.
  • Kabocha: playground of possibilities. Check the December update.


The upgrade and the lower staking limit became a referendum. See its results here.

InterBTC / Kintsugi

Kintsugi Crowdloan supporters can now claim their rewards. Follow the guide.


The Dock Wallet app has been published and it’s available now on iOS and Android stores.


Evanesco team announced that they will launch the Evanesco mainnet on December 22.

Equilibrium / Genshiro

Join Equilibrium & Genshiro ambassador program and spread the word about the amazing developments that have never been implemented in DeFi before.

Bright Treasury

The BrightTreasury team needs community feedback on their new application. It presents an intuitive and lightweight flow of submitting proposals and an overview of the Treasury related actions. Funded with the Web3.0 Foundation Grant.

Energy Web

Energy Web Token Staking is live. You can now stake your EWT and earn rewards. To celebrate, they are are introducing the 3-month Booster Period, during which the staking APY will be adjusted to 21.79%. Check it here.

Centrifuge / Altair

Centrifuge Parachain Crowdloan countdown page is now live. Also it has few hints about the rewards for contributors. Check the details.


The Crust Network Сrowdloan for Batch 2 of the upcoming Polkadot parachain auctions is now live! Contributions can be made via Polkadot and Parallel Finance. Join their mission to decentralize Web3.0 after reading the details.


Nodle has started its Polkadot crowdloan auction. Get your referral bonus and check other ways to get bonuses.

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Ambassador of Polkadot and Bifrost networks, member of ZenlinkDAO Initial Governance Board

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Polkadot News

Polkadot News

Polkadot Ecosystem: Weekly Digest and Projects overview. Polkadot Ambassador.

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