Polkadot Ecosystem Weekly Digest. February 20–26/2023

Polkadot News
Polkadot News
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Polkadot / Kusama

  • Polkadot 0.9.38 has been released with MEDIUM upgrade priority.
  • Congratulations to Hashed Network, the winner of Parachain Auction #40. Polkadot’s parachain family continues to grow with this exciting enterprise-focused project joining the fold.
  • ink!, a programming language for smart contracts used in the Polkadot ecosystem, has received the next major update.
  • On February 28, join a day of talks & panels on all things Polkadot, from the next generation of DApps to creating your own custom layer-1 blockchain.

Acala / Karura

  • Acala named 6 reasons to stake your DOT on it and shared a quick 4-step guide on how to stake your tokens in 10 minutes or less for over 22% in annual DOT reward rate. Details.

HydraDX / Basilisk

  • The HydraDX bug bounty program is now live on Immunefi. Everyone is welcome to earn up to $1.000.000 for responsible disclosure.
  • HydraDX proposes to put aside 5M DAI of the LBP funds, to be used for extending the runway of the HydraDX Protocol during the upcoming 2 years. The funds can be distributed by the HydraDX Council in installments equivalent to no more than a 6 months’ runway. Read more.

Phala / Khala

  • Phala has been listed on Arthswap, and farming is now open to earn ARSW tokens. PHA token is used to pay for the usage of Phala Network’s computing resources, such as storage and computing power.

Energy Web

  • Over the past month, the Energy Web team worked hard behind the scenes on numerous solutions and applications. Here is an overview of the developers’ statistics from January.

Crust / Shadow

  • Crust published an article about the native token of the Crust Shadow ecosystem.

Litentry / Litmus

  • Litentry reported an issue with the token bridge. Now the service is resumed and user assets are safe.

Astar / Shiden

Interlay / Kintsugi

  • Interlay is excited to announce its new whitepaper, which proposes expanding the project from a decentralized bridge to a Bitcoin DeFi Hub.


Moonbeam / Moonriver

  • PrivaDEX, the x-chain DEX aggregator for Polkadot, integrates with Moonbeam. Users can now leverage it for more efficient swaps between StellaSwap, Beamswap, and ArthSwap.
  • Attarius Network, an easy-to-go decentralized solution for game devs and players, is now live on Moonbeam & Moonriver.
  • New discussion for revisions to the grants program has been posted to the Moonbeam community forum. Changes include extension to the current Interim Grants Program, additional budget, community voted allocation, and more.
  • To everyone who voted on referendum 84 for Runtime 2100 on Moonbeam: you can now check out your “I Voted” NFT on Galxe.

Composable Finance / Picasso

  • Composable Finance is sorry to announce that it has parted ways with its former Chief Technology Officer. While this naturally prompts questions and concerns, the team is committed to addressing these questions and alleviating any concerns.
  • There was a malicious governance referendum attempt on Picasso. Here are the details.

Bit.Country / Pioneer

Manta / Calamari

  • Manta’s co-founder was recently interviewed in a Cointelegraph AMA about Zero-Knowledge Proofs and how Manta Network is leading the space in on-chain privacy innovation.
  • Manta has introduced its Champion Program, which aims to build a community team explicitly focused on bringing in a group of exclusive, dedicated community members to help with growth in target regional communities.

Parallel / Heiko

  • Ethereum Virtual Machine, the most popular development platform across the globe, is now on Heiko. This will allow Paralell’s sister network to have third party builders and will open up the possibility for new applications.



  • Dock is calling all validators to upgrade their nodes by February 28th. Nodes not upgraded will be de-activated from the network until the upgrade is done.
  • The Dock developer team is reviewing the designs for the credential distribution feature. This functionality in Dock Certs will allow issuers to distribute the Verifiable Credentials to the holders’ wallets using their DIDs.
  • Dock’s Verifiable Credentials verification on the web is now available. You can request & instantly verify any digitally Verifiable Credential from a web browser, and users will receive a notification of what data you are requesting.

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Polkadot News
Polkadot News

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