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Polkadot Ecosystem Weekly Digest. July 11th — July 17th/2022

Polkadot / Kusama

  • Web3 Foundation has announced the 14th round of grants accepted through its Grants Program. There are 36 grant recipients in 7 categories, including User Interface, Chain & Pallets, ink Smart Contracts, Tools, APIs and Languages, Runtimes, etc.
  • Learn more about how the new Polkadot staking dashboard works.
  • If you have registered for Polkadot Decoded and have not yet claimed your NFT, be sure to do quickly — the deadline to claim is 21:50 UTC on the 18th of July.
  • On July 20th & 21st, don’t miss your chance to hear from Web3 Foundation’s Radha Dasari in a discussion on the importance of light client for decentralization, as well as in a panel on Polkadot education. To check the full program and to register.
  • Referendum 213, upgrading the Kusama relay chain runtime to v9250, has been passed and executed.

Acala / Karura

  • Acala’s ‘Interprotocol aUSD Distribution Scheme’ (IADS) will enable Tapio & Taiga and protocols on any parachain to be liquidity distributors for aUSD across the DotSama ecosystem. Details.
  • Acala is launching the aUSD fungibility pallet, making aUSD fungible when bridged between Karura & Acala, unifying aUSD liquidity and creating unified economic infrastructure for the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystem.
  • Kusama-native USDT is now available on Karura.

OAK / Turing


  • Bifrost SALP is supporting Integritee Polkadot Crowdloan. See the details.
  • The second round of the Rainbow Boost has successfully ended. 20,000 BNC will be distributed to participants according to the number of Raindrops held in each address to the total raindrops.

Astar / Shiden

  • Astar Summer Round 2 is coming. While the Web3 space has gotten chilly, Astar is optimistic about the journey ahead.
  • New HRMP channels have been opened between Astar and Acala to allow movement of the ASTR, ACA, and aUSD tokens.
  • Distribution of DOT Festival ASTR rewards is complete.
  • Shiden has been added to Contracts UI. It is the official Substrate application for deploying WASM smart contracts on Substrate chains that include the FRAME contracts pallet.

Interlay / Kintsugi

  • Interlay governance proposal: set initial DOT Collateral Ceiling to 150.000 DOT. Vote here.
  • As Interlay works on iBTC for liftoff, they have a few final preparations to ensure a successful mission. However, there are a few ways to get involved now.

Centrifuge / Altair

Moonbeam / Moonriver


  • Zenlink requested the allocation of 1.2M ASTR from Astar Treasury as a part of the liquidity incentive program. 4 pools will be created and ASTR grant will be used for liquidity incentive of the above mentioned pairs.

Composable Finance / Picasso


  • Dock’s WEB3 IDs are live. It is a part of blockchain-based authentication and authorization system that puts users’ privacy first.

Bit.Country / Pioneer

Inspiring statistics: Bit.Country Testnet has about 1100 daily active users.

Parallel Finance / Heiko

  • With Parallel’s new Instant Unstake, there’s no more waiting period in which your funds are locked & inaccessible. Now you can unstake instantly.
  • Heiko crowdloan is open. Contribute your KSM for 48 weeks and get 200 HKO + cKSM. A 10% HKO bonus reward will be given to those who participated with the same wallet address in our 1st crowdloan last year.

Equilibrium / Genshiro


Enjin / Efinity


  • The SORA Kusama parachain is live. Check out the July 14 SORA Ecosystem updates to learn more.

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Polkadot News

Polkadot News

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