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Polkadot Ecosystem Weekly Digest. July 19–25

Thanks to PromoTeam for inspiration!
  1. Kusama parachain auctions.

1. Kusama parachain auctions.

Kusama first batch of parachain bidding has ended, at Block#8355247 and Bifrost won the 5th parachain!

2. Polkadot Ecosystem events and partnerships.

Polkadot News

Short about: Web3 Foundation Wave 10 Grantees & Projects review.
Recently Web3 Foundation has celebrated the 10th wave of Open and General grants and 27 teams were funded. Let’s look through several of them!


  • This week, the Polkadot Relay Chain passed 6_000_000 (six million) blocks produced (in the canonical chain) and finalized.


  • Karura Swap has opened trading for the Kusama/Karura — KSM/KAR — pair as the platform becomes one of the first DEXs to launch on Polkadot and Kusama.

As the first decentralized exchange in the ecosystem, Karura Swap has opened trading for the KSM/KAR pair, which currently has $3,410,992.00 in Total Value Locked thanks to Karura Swap’s “Bootstrap” mechanism.

  • Total Value Locked: $3,410,992.00

Kraken and OKEx are now supporting Karura (KAR)!

Manta Network

Manta Network presented its canary-net Calamari $KMA PLO Strategy.
Up to 3 billion $KMAs will be distributed to $KSM contributors.
The cap of crowdloan is up to 300,000 $KSM
34% will be released and the remaining 66% will be vested every 8 weeks.

Calamari crowdloan contributors will be rewarded with 10,000 $KMAs per 1 $KSM. The first 500 and 1000 participants will get additional bonuses as well as referral bonus (both the referrer and their referred counterparts receive a 2.5% bonus each)

The Calamari team is working on various ways to participate in the PLO. More details will be released in the upcoming days as the plans are finalized.


Do you know what makes Astar unique in the Polkadot ecosystem? Here is the answer!

Moonbeam & Moonriver

Moonriver has completed Phase 1 of its launch process (adding third-party collators to the active set). It has now entered Phase 2, during which the network will enable on-chain governance. The staking functionality is now enabled. Learn more about Moonriver launch process in detail.


Users can claim Khala rewards through https://app.phala.network/ now!

The Khala network does not currently provide a transfer function. The decision whether and when to enable transfer will be made through a referendum after removing Sudo. The guide “How to Check and Claim Your Rewards”.


Robonomics developers decided to deploy and maintain a functionally identical network — Frontier Relay chain, that will be integrated with Robonomics parachain.

Frontier Relay chain will use the same versions of Polkadot releases, which will be implemented by Kusama network in the form of its Relay chain.

After connecting the Robonomics parachain to the Frontier Relay chain there will be a blockchain that could work in real-time and would be integrated into the Kusama network. All new capabilities that will appear with new Polkadot releases, will be also supported by Robonomics’ parachain.


Several updates from Genshiro:
- KSM have been refunded
- To hedge possible risks of the current contributors, Genshiro team will double the reward for those who contributed to their crowdloan in the first batch. The project offers its supporters twice as many GENS on each KSM if they participate in our crowdloan during the second batch of Kusama parachain auctions.

For example, if you contribute 50 KSM or more right now, you’ll receive 4,800 GENS on each KSM during the second campaign (as opposed to 2,400 GENS). There are two requirements for participants who expect doubled rewards, check out them here.

  • FREE NFT cats are available for the current crowdloan supporters here.

Kylin / Centrifuge

Kylin is on Chachacha! (and partnered with Centrifuge)
Kylin’s parachain is producing blocks now (without the impediment of grabbing time ad-hoc via Parity), via Chachacha!

This technical collaboration will make it much easier to run the various functionalities of any testnet process via parachain for anyone.


Totem, the peer-to-peer accounting protocol building in the Polkadot Ecosystem, announced the rebranding of the network token from $XTX to $TOTEM. Also the project launched the long awaited community referral program. Polkadot News refferal link.

3. New projects in the Polkadot ecosystem.

Polkadot Play

Polkadot Play offers an entire ecosystem, which enables game developers to focus on realizing and securing their creative & unique ideas while empowering all stakeholders in the game lifecycle. We enable game developers to easily and quickly implement and publish games with all the benefits of a blockchain.


yiToken is a decentralized multi-chain cryptocurrency and NFT wallet which supports chains such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polkadot, BSC, Heco, OKExChain, Polygon.

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