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Polkadot Ecosystem Weekly Digest. March 21–27.

Polkadot / Kusama

  • Polkadot v0.9.18 has been released with LOW upgrade priority.
  • Congratulations to Karura Network on winning Kusama’s 29th auction! This is the second auction Karura has won, and this time without a crowdloan.
  • Several parachains talk about what they have been doing since their onboarding in the recent “Parachain Takeover” talk. Recording is available here.

Web3 Foundation


SubDAO will bring DAO infrastructure tools to the Darwinia and Crab Network ecosystem and integrate Darwinia Substrate to the Substrate bridge. Details.


Equilibrium / Genshiro

  • Equilibrium will be onboarded as the 12th parachain of the Polkadot network. Here is what to expect next.
  • By depositing liquidity into the Equilibrium’s Market Maker pools, users can get up to 100% APY on: KSM, BNB, ETH, GENS and EQD. But how do these pools function? Learn more about the key features in detail.
  • The KSM bridge on Genshiro is up and running successfully. Borrow, stake, use KSM as collateral and deposit into the MM pool. Moreover, you can expect up to 150% APY during the liquidity bootstrap event.


To solidify and publicly re-iterate RMRK’s love towards Dotsama and Moonriver Network, they have decided to diversify into MOVR and run a Moonriver collator. If you would like to help both RMRK and MOVR, feel free to delegate to them.


SubQuery announced the first step in their multichain future by expanding their data indexing into Avalanche.

OAK / Turing

  • Turing Network, the OAK’s canary, has started its Kusama parachain crowdloan. Contribute through Polkadot or via Bifrost.
  • Mangata Finance partners with OAK Network. This partnership opens new possibilities for DeFi like dollar cost averaging, iceberg orders, execution of strategies based on price and time and much much more.

Moonbeam / Moonriver

Clipper is now live on MoonbeamNetwork. Check out how to become eligible for their community liquidity program (CLP).

Phala / Khala

Interlay / Kintsugi

  • Interlay launched the Kintsugi Bitcoin bridge — the first trustless Bitcoin bridge on Kusama. Interlay’s wrapped Bitcoin kBTC is a 1:1 Bitcoin-backed asset on Kusama, and it is physically redeemable 1:1 for BTC.
  • kBTC represents Interlay’s flagship product on Kusama. It is maintained by a decentralized network of collateralized vaults. KSM will be the first of many collateral to secure kBTC. See more


Authtrail (a complete SaaS platform bringing blockchain-based integrity to enterprise data and is powered by Moonbeam) will integrate KILT Protocol DIDs into the Authtrail platform to improve its trustworthiness and transparent data flows.

Edgeware / Kabocha

New Kabocha proposal to Edgeware community for covering maintenance and further development of Substrate Recipes / Kitchen Node by community developer Elio.

Astar / Shiden

  • Astar partners with doublejump.tokyo, which will expand its IP-based NFT business on the Astar Network, as well as provide technical support for each project launched and help with the promotion.
  • Astar Web3 Domains got strategic partnership and future integrations with Asteroid. Details in this post.


  • Zenlink has passed SlowMist Team’s smart contract security audit, where the EVM smart contract audit is separate, and the Substrate (Module) version audit was submitted and completed together with Bifrost. Check the detailed audit report.
  • Zenlink has partnered with Immunefi and launched a bug bounty program. Immunefi is Web3’s leading bug bounty platform, having paid out over $10 million in bug bounties and protecting $100 billion in user funds from security risks.

Acala / Karura

Acala Network, with an initial 9 Polkadot parachain teams and several venture funds, has launched the $250M aUSD Ecosystem Fund to support early-stage startups building applications with strong stablecoin use cases on any Polkadot or Kusama parachain.


Relation Labs will use Crust Network’s data storage API service to access Relation Labs One’s social DApp. Pictures and videos of users chatting with their friends will be uploaded to the IPFS network, ensuring more stable and secure data storage.


Standard Protocol, the pioneer of the self-sovereign stablecoin project, has announced the launch of its stablecoin USM.


taiKSM/TAI pool on Karura is now live. Put your taiKSM and TAI to work. All interactions with Taiga Protocol during the soft launch period will be tallied for usage incentives. Read more.


SubSocial updated their text editor so that you can paste images directly into posts. You can now drag and drop the files, use CTRL + V, or right click and select Paste. Here’s a short video showing you how to do this.

CLV (former Clover Finance)

CLV has teamed up with Anonverse, a multi-element decentralized autonomous application platform. Now CLV Multichain wallet is integrated into Anonverse.

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Polkadot News

Polkadot News

Polkadot Ecosystem: Weekly Digest and Projects overview. Polkadot Ambassador.