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Polkadot Ecosystem Weekly Digest. May 29 — June 5/2022

Polkadot / Kusama

  • Nomination pools have been added to the Kusama runtime. As per usual, Kusama is receiving this update first before Polkadot. Learn more about nomination pools and how to contribute.
  • Bifrost has won the most recent (18th) Polkadot parachain slot auction. Congratulations!
  • After winning Kusama’s 34th auction, Bajun (the canary network for Ajuna) will be onboarded as its 36th parachain (plus Statemine & Encointer). Excited for Bajun to bring their world’s leading game engines to the Kusama ecosystem!
  • Polkadot Relayers, a program bringing together developers and entrepreneurs, is open for your applications until June 24th.
  • Polkadot 0.9.23 has been released with LOW upgrade priority.


  • Bifrost needs ideas from the community. Should contributed DOT that exceed Bifrost Polkadot Crowdloan’s 300.000 soft cap be rewarded? Share your opinion.
  • The vKSM/KSM trading pair and LP farming are now live on Zenlink DEX. You can quickly swap vKSM to KSM via market or stake KSM to get vKSM.
  • Recently, PolkaWorld interviewed Bifrost co-founder Lurpis. The interview was about the role of Staking derivatives in the ecosystem, what stage of development its market is in, what actions it will take to achieve its goals and what derivative assets it plans to launch in the future. Read more.

Litentry / Litmus

Astar / Shiden

  • Astar’s DOT Fest has already started. Have questions on where to begin? Check this guide.
  • Stake WASTR/DOT LP on ArthSwap to earn triple rewards: trading fees, increased ARSW rewards and your share of 1 million ASTR.
  • Find bugs and vulnerabilities on Astar Network and get paid up to 1,000,000 USD. Details.
  • Get your AstarPass to qualify for bonus ASTR rewards.

Interlay / Kintsugi

  • INTR is now live on Subscan. Explore blocks in real time!

Centrifuge / Altair

Moonbeam / Moonriver

  • Liquid staking with Lido is now available on Moonbeam. DOT holders can now access their staked assets as xcDOT via MetaMask without an unbonding period for use within Moonbeam’s DeFi ecosystem.
  • Recently Moonriver & Moonbeam both received upgrades through runtime 1503 & 1504 to resolve a security issue submitted through Moonbeam’s Immunefi bug bounty program. Details.
  • Fearless Wallet has announced support for GLMR and MOVR tokens that will provide balance, transfer, and staking functionalities via the wallet interface.
  • Athos Finance, a decentralized delta-one asset protocol, has integrated into Moonbeam. The protocol allows users to create and trade a wide range of synthetic assets.


  • New XC-20s integrated with Zenlink X-Transfer: Acala to Moonbeam and Calamari to Moonriver cross-chain transfers were available.
  • Hybrid AMM is now live on Moonriver and the first 4pool on Dotsama is here. Start your farming journey with any combination of USDT, USDC, xcAUSD or FRAX. Check this thread to get more information.

Composable Finance / Picasso

Composable Finance presented Dev Log #6, bringing you recent updates from their tech and product teams.

Bit.Country / Pioneer

Bit.Country’s Testnet Release has arrived. This launch has new features, enhanced user experience & faster runtimes. Read more.

Manta / Calamari

  • Core contributor Albiona Hoti guides you through the steps to perform private transactions on Manta’s Dolphin Testnet.
  • Calamari are proud to announce that their HRMP channel with Karura Network is officially online, marking another chapter in bringing privacy to the Kusama ecosystem. Learn more about the integration.

Parallel Finance / Heiko

Equilibrium / Genshiro


  • Did you know that you can clone a single NFT on Singular? This allows you to mint several copies of the same NFT, without having to manually mint each copy. Check the guide to find out how.
  • Learn what is special about using the RMRK protocol for soulbound (non-transferable) NFTs.
  • RMRK has teamed up with Imbue Network to integrate RMRK’s pallet. It will help to support NFT-related projects seeking decentralized crowdfunding.

Enjin / Efinity

Efinity crowdloan contributors should now see EFI rewards in their wallets. More details here.


Beware of scams: there is no KILT airdrop. KILT is not an ERC-20 token.


Welcome to the June 1st Ecosystem Updates for SORA.


Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens are coming soon to Dock with Dock Bridge. Read more.

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Polkadot News

Polkadot News

Polkadot Ecosystem: Weekly Digest and Projects overview. Polkadot Ambassador.