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Polkadot Ecosystem Weekly Digest. November 7th-November 13th/2022

  • Polkadot’s new nomination pools are proving popular: it has taken just four days since launch for all 64 pools to be opened. Learn how to join them to start collecting rewards with as little as 1 DOT.
  • Polkadot Academy, the flagship educational program to help speed up Web3 adoption, is coming to Buenos Aires. The second wave of the Academy will take place at the University of Buenos Aires in January 2023.
  • Polkadot 0.9.32 has been released with LOW upgrade priority.
  • The latest demo of Nova Wallet shows it working well with Polkadot Gov 2.0.
  • Pendulum Ambassador Squad: hop on Discord and make a brief introduction to claim your Knighthood.
  • OAK Network has published updates on Governance 2.0, Turing Network Treasury and Turing Network Staging.
  • The most recent article on OAK weekly updates will provide you with additional information on October development submissions
  • Both Acala and Karura will update the auction size limit to reduce liquidation impact in response to current volatile market conditions.
  • Karura’s latest upgrade was executed, upgrading Substrate/Polkadot/Cumulus version & adding a few minor fixes for EVM+, as well as minor improvements for Taiga protocol
  • Last Monday, Energy Web presented its Trusted Green Charging Solution at the citizen mobility event. The prototype makes locally generated green energy traceable and tradable. Here is a short video to find out more.
  • Phala will enter its 1st halving period on #2.763.069 Khala Network block height since Gemini Upgrade. The supply of PHA rewards will be reduced each 1.296.000 blocks, with the first halving happening on November 21st. Details.
  • The way we deal with identity is changing. Check out the latest Ontology article on how DID will influence the use of identity and reputation in a Web3 world.
  • Crust Network is happy to announce its new partnership with OneLand, a one-stop finance platform for virtual lands in the Metaverse. Support from Crust will include technical, operational and dStorage services.
  • On October 12th, Crust won the 30th Polkadot parachain auction and renewed the Kusama parachain slot as well. Find out how to claim rewards for both crowdloans.
  • The largest Japanese internet provider Docomo teams up with Astar Network to create solutions on Polkadot for various issues facing modern society, such as regional development and addressing environmental problems. Read more.
  • A new version of Astar.js library has been released. Join Astar Tech Talk 003 for more updates.
  • Composable Finance’s Protocol Engineer shares early insights into the journey of establishing the infrastructure needed to support IBC connections to Etherium.
  • There is no shortage of metaverses allowing users to create virtual architecture. But what about interactive experiences? Check out the latest Enjin Room Podcast to learn about the next step — user-created games inside the metaverse.
  • SORA Card Phase 1: learn about different options to apply for the SORA Card, its KYC process, fees, and more.
  • Dock has proven to be a successful use case for BurstIQ platforms, making data tamper-proof and verifiable with the help of Dock Certs. This video tells the success story of the collaboration.

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Polkadot News

Polkadot Ecosystem: Weekly Digest and Projects overview. Polkadot Ambassador.