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Polkadot Ecosystem Weekly Digest. Oct 25 — Oct 31

Parachain auctions and crowdloans

Top 5 Kusama auction crowdloan participants by the 31th of October:


Polkadot / Kusama

  • DOT Holders can now vote on the future of Polkadot’s brand. Pick one (of two) preferred Polkadot identity direction and logo direction and vote on-chain. Your vote has real consequences! See what they have and vote.
  • The Polkadot Hackathon, APAC Edition, Opening Ceremony happened on Friday, 22 Oct. You can watch the replay here.


  • Bifrost Finance introduced Lightning Redeem — the first Liquidity release scenario for users participating in the Bifrost vsKSM Mint Drop.

Users with vsKSM & vsBond-Bifrost can Redeem KSM at a fixed 10% discount via the bifrost.app-vCrowldoan-Redeem module, for a total of 5614.72 KSM (136,816.20 KSM*5%) on a first-come, first-served redeem. At the same time, the user’s vsKSM + vsBond-Bifrost will be destroyed.

  • Bifrost will be supporting Quartz by Unique Network in the third batch of the Kusama slot auctions through the SALP protocol and releasing its contributors’ bonding liquidity.


  • Zenlink introduced its launch process and IYO (Initial Yield Offering). IYO refers to Initial Yield Offering, which is designed to complete the initial issuance of tokens by launching yield campaigns and opening token transfers and circulation when relevant targets are met.
  • On November 3rd Zenlink will launch on Moonriver, becoming the first Polkadot native cross-chain DEX on Moonriver. With the launch of the IYO activities, a yield season will also begin, with a total of 2,600,000 ZLK to be shared during the campaign (total supply of ZLK is 100 million).
  • Zenlink Pro will integrate with the Anyswap Network cross-chain bridge to provide users with more efficient and convenient cross-chain services for their assets.

Unique / Quartz

Unique Network announced that it has raised $11.3M in the 2nd round of its pre-sale, bringing its total raised to $16M. The investment round was led by Outlier Ventures, who were joined by The LAO, Flamingo, Nalu Capital and over 200 other investors. Details.

Moonbeam / Moonriver

  • The Sushi community voted in favor of launching liquidity on Kusama and Polkadot.
    Sushi is already deployed on MoonriverNW, where both SUSHI and MOVR will be used to incentivize liquidity on Kusama in an upcoming liquidity mining program.
  • The Moonbeam Network Foundation has announced that 100M GLMR tokens will be allocated towards the crowdloan. Following a successful campaign, 30% of rewards will be available to claim immediately after the network launches and 70% will be vested.
  • Etherscan integrates with Moonbeam to create Moonscan! This integration brings the most popular EVM compatible block explorer to Moonriver & Moonbeam, allowing users & devs to get granular insights into the EVM of Moonriver & Moonbeam. Read more.

Bit.Country / Pioneer

  • Bit.Country will partner with Bifrost Finance to fast-track crowdloan liquidity release using SALP integration thus releasing locked KSM from Bit.Country Pioneer’s crowdloan.
  • Bit.Country / Pioneer enables everyone to start their own metaverse with the 3D world, digital real estate, user-created games, NFTs, and social token and play-to-earn-mining opportunities. Video.
  • Bit.Country & Metaverse Network will make Subdao Network available for metaverse owners to choose as an alternative DAO for their metaverse on the network and make their assets available on the SubDAO network.

Astar / Shiden

Standard Protocol was launched on the Shiden Network. Standard is launching MVP products — DEX and MeterUSD Stablecoin.
The DEX will operate as a market maker to ensure a capital-efficient liquidation process and stability of MeterUSD (USM).

Parallel Finance / Heiko

  • Parallel’s partnership with Astar on the upcoming Polkadot parachain auctions is announced. Through Parallel’s platform-Auction loan, the community can contribute to Astar’s crowdloan and earn up to 6% additional bonus in ASTR tokens on top of the base rewards.

Phala / Khala

Phala Network will build the Phala Network World metaverse on Bit.Country for their community.

Manta / Calamari

Manta Network will be participating in the first batch of parachain auctions on Polkadot. More details coming soon.

Composable Finance / Picasso

Picasso has passed 100k KSM, hence the additional 5% of rewards they have allotted now goes into effect.


The video about StaFi Protocol: how it works, rTokens and scenarios.

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