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Polkadot Ecosystem Weekly Digest. Sept 13 — Sept 19

Parachain auctions and crowdloans

Top 5 crowdloan participants by the 19 th of August.


After contribute to the above two projects, users will receive the corresponding vsKSM and vsBond derivatives (1 KSM=1 vsKSM + 1 vsBond) and release their liquidity locked in crowdloan.


  • Watch a replay of “Innovation in Polkadot DeFi” to hear from Kiltprotocol, ParityTech, Centrifuge, Interlay, Manta Network and Parallel Finance.
  • Gawin Wood posted a Part 2 of his Polkadot XCM article series, which covers XCM versioning and upgradability. Get it here


  • SALP (Slot Auction Liquidity Protocol) offers the opportunity to participate in Crowdloan without lockup, and to receive the reward of bidding on backed projects without losing staked DOT/KSM liquidity. For parachains bidding for slots, SALP attracts more backers who do not wish to lose opportunity costs, increasing the probability of a successful bid. Know more here.
  • Bifrost’s Runtime has been updated to v0.8.5 and Sudo have now been successfully removed.


Polkadot News was happy to participate in the closed 2nd beta test of ZenlinkPro Dex on Moonriver network. Everything ran smooth, and interface looks very clear and user friendly. Great job, Zenlink team! More in our article


  • The 2nd round of Robonomics grant proposals has begun and will run until early March 2022. The Grant Program invites project proposals on topics including Networked cyber-physical systems, Multi-agent systems, Robot-as-a-Service and other. Learn more
  • The project developers have implemented 2 important changes in the operation of the Robonomics parachain. The first is the inclusion of XRT staking, and the second is the launch of the first on-chain governance mechanisms. Learn more


Evanesco will launch AVIS testnet’s second round of node mining. EVA team decided that the second round of testing would not set an upper limit on the number of mining nodes. The expected launching time is September 23.


The new version of Darwinia’s Wormhole also adds test bridge options, including Pangolin <> Ropsten (simulating Darwinia <> Ethereum), and the upcoming test bridge Pangolin <> Pangoro ( Simulate Darwinia Crab <> Darwinia). Learn more


  • Shiden deployed Solidity contracts by using Remix, Ethereum IDE. SDN token management on Metamask will be available soon after completing an audit.
  • Astar Network announced Astar v2.0 — multi-chain dApp hub supporting Ethereum Virtual Machine, WebAssembly, and multiple layer1 blockchains. Check out this article
  • CryptoMoments are partnering with Astar to collaborate on the commemorative NFT collection to celebrate their mainet launch.


  • There is an upcoming Wako release (EVM) and subsequent Zien drops. See their new Partners page for the wide range of projects’ EDG supports, funds or works with.


  • Yuser will launch the world’s first NFT social app & token on Moonriver. The new innovative initiative, called Yuser.Network, seeks to benefit both NFT communities and developers. Learn more.


KILT partners with OnFinality to offer RPC services at launch. Learn more.


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Polkadot News

Polkadot News

Polkadot Ecosystem: Weekly Digest and Projects overview. Polkadot Ambassador.