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Polkadot Ecosystem Weekly Digest. Sept 20— Sept 26

Parachain auctions and crowdloans

Top 5 crowdloan participants by the 26th of September.




Bifrost has partnered with Heiko powered by Parallel Finance. vsKSM derivatives and mining will be offered by Bifrost to voters who vote to Parallel Heiko via the SALP protocol during the 2nd batch of the Kusama parachain auctions!



  • Astar’s DOT crowdloan strategy will be announced soon and this is going to be the only option to get Astar tokens for retail investors. Looking forward!
  • The New proposal inside Builders Program Application — to build a bridge connecting the AstarNetwork/Shiden (based on Substrate) to a Cosmos-SDK based blockchain.


  • Acala Network has opened its Crowdloan waitlist. The waitlist to get your piece of Acala and up to 10% in bonus crypto: Join Acala
  • Acala starts a two-week liquidity mining program. Starting on Sept 28, anyone can earn from a total of 350,000 KAR in rewards by staking KSM for LKSM or becoming an LP in the new LKSM/KSM pool. Learn more


  • SORA Community Referendum Update — The JP GAMES referendum to loan the Pegasus World Kit 60K XOR and implement it as the metaverse token has been approved. The community has approved an RPF to implement a smart contract to mint NFT
  • General SORA posted a 16 tweet thread as a beginner’s guide to the SORA ecosystem.


Composable Finance/Picasso

  • Composable team introduced the Picasso Incubator Pool — a novel strategy which provides exposure to new Picasso projects for PICA stakers.
  • Composable and HydraDx teams have partnered in a joint venture to build out Angular Finance — an isolated lending pair pallet for the Kusama ecosystem. Learn more
  • Picasso announced the first use case of Mosaic-Cross-layer NFT swaps across Polygon/Arbitrum/L1. They are working with Aleph.im to leverage its permanent data storage solution for our cross-layer NFT infrastructure, powered by Mosaic. Learn more

Crust Network

  • Crust Network is bringing decentralized storage solutions to Polygon. This enables Polygon users and developers to access over 6,000 IPFS nodes and 2,000 PB of storage capacity. Learn more


  • Nsure.Network has completed Milestone 1 of its Web3 Foundation grant, moving closer to their goal of building a cross-blockchain open insurance marketplace. Learn more


  • Once the HydraDX council gets elected and settles down, it will initiate a referendum with the following proposal: Retroactively increase the distribution of tokens to HDX LBP participants from 5% up to 15% of the total HDX supply. Learn more


  • Khala by PhalaNetwork has launched Khala Secure Workers system. Workers can obtain Khala rewards by registering and working online. All users can join StakePools to begin staking and participate in the distribution of income. Learn more


  • Kilt entered the phase of testing our governance. Check out the decentralisation roadmap to see next steps.


On the 1st of October Robonomics will take part in the IROS2021 conference with an online workshop. Register

KwikSwap DEX

KwikSwap DEX is the first DEX to go LIVE on Shiden Network. Learn more


One year of the Darwinia’s Mainnet. Congrats!🎉🎉🎉

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Polkadot News

Polkadot News

Polkadot Ecosystem: Weekly Digest and Projects overview. Polkadot Ambassador.