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Short About: PNS. Polkadot Name System.

What is Polkadot Name System?

PNS is a Substrate-based decentralized domain name system. With its help you can utilize a .dot domain name to support smart contracts, domain names, wallets, and NFTs, resulting in the creation of a domain-specific chain with its own parameterization and features.

Today, in the age of chain-maximalism, a long string chain represents your accounts. But with the PNS program, you may construct your own digital identity for Web 3.0, complete with a domain name that you have full control over.

Polkadot Name System is initially implemented on Moonbeam Network, which represents an Ethereum-compatible parachain. In the coming months, PNS will migrate to the Substrate pallet and will act in collaboration with several parachains, allowing it to provide domain name services to all parachains inside Polkadot’s multi-chain ecosystem.

General Features

Decentralization: PNS is developed on top of a permissionless blockchain system that the name owner can control.

Originality: A possibility to register a one-of-a-kind and customized name that ends with.dot, and make it searchable, auditable, and verifiable.

NFT Maintenance: PNS names can be traded or exchanged as NFT. Also a PNS name can be assigned to each NFT.

DNS Resolution: Assigned names may be accessible via DNS gateway and used in browsers without the requirement of plugins.

Commitment to Polkadot: PNS is intended for use with Polkadot and the parachain ecosystem. Multiple parachain identities can be bound to a single name.

How it works?

1. Unified .dot domain name

Consider yourself to have two wallets, seven cryptocurrencies, one NFT avatar, three NFT artworks, two NFT gaming characters, and five Web 2.0 social network accounts. At first you have to apply for a domain name address. Call it however you want and tie it to the information above.


When someone transfers funds to you, there is no longer any need to enter a slew of unfamiliar strings of digits. Now it is possible to send assets directly to the .dot domain name you have picked before, and it will resolve the transfer details and make a deposit into the relevant address automatically.

2. A .dot.site WWW domain name + subdomains.

PNS also generates a.dot.site WWW domain name for each PNS domain name, so no plug-ins are required. Simply type “name”.dot.site into your browser to see your NFT avatars, drawings, and characters collected and neatly arranged.


Furthermore, if you want to display the data on multiple pages, you can categorize it with subdomain names such as «wallet.name.dot», «nft.name.dot», or «profile.name.dot». Web 2.0 accounts can also be presented.

Subdomains can be created and distributed as “membership certificates” by a firm, community, or organization. As it was said previously, each domain name may be connected to many social network identities and can be expanded in a variety of ways.

Users have total control over their digital identity. The domain name allows others to visit your homepage, which displays aggregated multi-chain data, serving as the personal identity card and showcase for Web 3.0.


The project aspires to construct a Polkadot ecosystem hub, gathering all dots under one roof. PNS domain name serves as an aggregation point and a social connection hub. It also has evolved into the beginning point for a digital identity on the chain.



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