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Reef is a liquidity aggregator and DeFi Yield engine, which offers smart crypto trading through two major components and enables:

• Trading of assets via the Global Liquidity Aggregator with access to liquidity from both centralized exchanges and DEX’s;

• Smart lending, borrowing, staking, mining through the AI-driven personalized Reef Smart Yield Farming Aggregator.

Reef aims to solve the DeFi Liquidity problem and the DeFi fragmentation problem (wide range of different DeFi platforms with different rules requiring different levels of tech, non-tech, financial and economic skills).

Reef Solutions:

1. Global Liquidity Aggregator: aggregating liquidity from DEX’s, centralized exchanges, liquidity pools, and other sources into one global pool thus enabling order flow to enter through a single point.

2. Smart Yield Farming Aggregator: Reef also functions as a DeFi yield engine, allowing ease of access for retail investors and fund managers around the world.

Reef platform will support the following assets at launch: stablecoins (USDC, USDT, TUSD, DAI, BUSD), synthetic tokens( c tokens, y tokens…), hybrid tokens (wBTC…).

The autonomous lending and borrowing of the above assets will be supported with the APR set via DAO-based voting. Lending will be collateralized via the user’s liquidity assets provided to the platform.

Insurance coverage Reef integrates with Etherisc, Nexus Mutual, Opyn, and other DeFi insurance protocols to provide financial insurance service to the user.

3. Smart Asset Management is a set of powerful portfolio management features available to the users, acting as a complement to Reef Global Liquidity Aggregator and Smart Yield Farming Aggregator.

Guided Asset Management Complementary to the user’s active management of assets, Reef will use its AI engine to present important information or make intelligent recommendations to the user.


Reef Protocol will be governed through a DAO structure, with Reef tokens representing voting power, which can be used directly or delegated.

Possible governance proposals include:

  1. Changing asset basket structure (fees, composition, or creation);
  2. Raising or lowering the reserve limit of a market; adjusting yield distribution and interest rates;
  3. Altering pool attributes, such as voting power time function, pool’s dynamic interest % calculation for staking;
  4. Modifying the structure of a DAO, which could be the admin of the protocol, but requiring a very high percent of votes.

Token: $REEF

Token utility:

  • gas currency for paying collator fees for all basic operations such as processing transactions, deploying smart contracts, submitting a proposal, and other network activities.
  • Collator fees also occur when interacting with the on-chain infrastructure such as entering and exiting the baskets as well as automated rebalancing.
  • Reef tokens will be used for staking as a representation of voting power, and for determining the distribution of staking fees

Total supply: 20,000,000,000 REEF

Token allocation:

Detailed figures see here and here.


NGC Ventures, AU21 Capital, QCP Soteria, the venture arm of QCP Capital, Kenetic Capital, Amplifi, LD Capital, Garlam Won, TRGC, Genblock, Krypital Group, Woodstock Fund, and Danish Chaudhry.


Reef Finance is listed on Binance Launchpool: that allows to farm REEF token through staking $BNB, $DOT, and $BUSD tokens. Program is valid till 22.01.21. Details.




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