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Disclaimer: some information like testnet/mainnet stage, bounties, and other adctions is valid on the moment of creating this article (August 2020) and can be invalid later.

So, if you are definitely confused who is who in Polkadot network rapidly growing ecosystem — have a look at our short cards.

Type: Bridge
What problem solves:

Darwinia Network is a decentralized heterogeneous cross-chain open protocol and bridge chain built on Substrate. Darwinia focuses on the construction of decentralized cross-chain token swap, exchange, and market. Darwinia also builds infrastructure for single-chain application upgrades, including Defi, game, DEX, NFT market, etc.

Darwinia Network provides developers the scalability, cross-chain interoperability, and NFT identifiability, with seamless integrations to Polkadot, bridges to all major blockchains, and on-chain RNG services.

Products: Evolution Land — as a show case blockchain game.

Native token: RING
The native token for the Darwinia Network is RING, RING can be used as gas for transactions. Gas include transaction fees, contract execution fees, network bandwidth charges, storage fees, and more.

Commitment Token: KTON

KTON is essentially a derivative token of RING,which encourages long-term lock and commitment. RING staking participants can lock RING for 3–36 months and get KTON as rewards, compensating for the liquidity loss.

Difference within RING and KTON:

RING is system token of Darwinia Network, the initial supply before Darwinia network mainnet release is 2 billion. Ordinary users only need to hold RING to participate in all operations of Darwinia Network

KTON is the staking and governance credential of Darwinia Network, KTON can only obtained by locking RING for a fixed period, the initial supply is 0. KTON is mainly for advanced users, as an incentive to promise to hold RING for a long time.

Testnet: Darwinia Crab Network. Darwinia Crab Testnet (Crab for short) is a Canary Network for Darwinia, the positioning of Crab is similar to Polkadot’s Kusama Network.

Testnet tokens: cRING and cKTON
A cRING stake can have no specified locking period. If it does have a locking period, then cKTON is generated. That cKTON can then also be staked to generate more “power” which is used to nominate validator nodes. Those validator nodes get rewards and can funnel those rewards to those who nominate them. Once the livenet is released cRING and cKTON will be convertible to real RING and KTON at a rate of 100:1.
The initial supply of cRING is 2000M, and the supply of cKTON is 0.

cRING can be taken from faucet.

How to get RING: RING can be bought on MXC exchange.
How to get KTON:
stake RING when mainnet is launched. Staking 10000 RING brings 1 KTON.

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Polkadot News

Polkadot News


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