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Web3alert: Notification Service for Web 3.

Web3alert team is happy to introduce you its brand new product that will keep you updated on any event taking place in blockchain. It has unified dashboard for all the networks, user-friendly design and an option to choose the way how to be alerted: Telegram, Discord, or Webhook!

🔥 To make a long story short: meet Web3Alert.io! 🔥

Web3alert facilitates your everyday blockchain routine. It listens for events in blockchain networks and whenever the event you are interested in happens, Web3alert sends you a message.

The simplest example is Transfer alert. Subscribe to this type of alert for an exact address and every time you receive or send tokens to/from the address, you get’ll a notification. Same to the Staking Rewards.

What other events can be tracked with Web3alert? Any!

To make the start easier there are 2 options: Simple mode and Advanced mode.

Taking Polkadot as an example. In the Simple mode we collected the most popular events and calls, that divided into 2 groups: Address alerts (Transfers, staking rewards, slashings, new nominations on your chosen validator, unbonds from staking) and Democracy and Treasury Events (proposed motions, treasury proposals, bounty proposals, etc.)

For the specific needs there is also Advanced mode. This part includes all the events, calls and filters thus helping you to create a very special notification.

Web3alert presents a unified one-stop interface for all subscriptions for all supported networks, including Substrate-based Polkadot and Kusama, Acala and Karura, Moonbeam and Moonriver, as well as Celo, Ethereum and Bitcoin!

All the notifications will be received into the messenger account of your choice and will have all the proper information to help the user better understand what happened.

Simple and Advanced Modes of different networks slightly differ from each other. Explore them!

For example, in Simple mode of Moonriver Network you’ll see 2 types of transfer notifications: Transfer and Transfer ERC20.

Transfer notifications will be sent when native (MOVR) tokens are transferred, and Transfer ERC20 in case of other tokens.

Other feature that worth mentioning is Muting. Make your subcsription silent and check your notifications only when it it convenient to you!

We invite everyone to test Web3alert, play around with Simple and Advanced Mode and give us feedback!

Watch the tutorial:

Subscribe and reach us through:
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Polkadot News

Polkadot News


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