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AMA recap: MetaWear x Red Kite

Greetings Community!

On March 19, 2022, we successfully organized an AMA event with METAWEAR on Red Kite’s Telegram Channel. We’d like to give a massive thanks to all of our audiences who joined us and our special guests Mr. A. Bahadir Yener, The Project Leader of MetaWear, shared very in-depth knowledge of the project.

In this recap, you will have a chance to learn more about MetaWear, which is the NFT 2.0 cross-platform for clothes and fashion shops that connects two worlds: metaverse and reality. It will integrate the real-world textile industry, including designers, manufacturers, brands, shopping centers, advertising, marketing organizations, etc. into the world of the metaverse, using ultra-realistic virtualization technologies and digital design teams.

The AMA included 3 segments:

- Segment 1: Introduction

- Segment 2: Twitter Questions

- Segment 3: Live Quiz

Winners shared a pool prize of $500!!!

Segment 1: Introduction

Host: What’s up community! Please help me welcome our guest for today, Mr. A. Bahadir Yener, The Project Leader of MetaWear.

Mr. A. Bahadir Yener: Hello everyone, it’s a big pleasure to have you all here and meet you to answer all your questions about MetaWear and our upcoming IDO and Listing on 21- 22 March 2022.

Host: Please share with us the background of the team behind this project. What are your past experiences?

Mr. A. Bahadir Yener: I am A.Bahadir Yener Project Leader of Metaverse Wear https://www.metaversewear.io/ Founder of MetaWear, Investor, Entrepreneur, Multinational Trainer, Business Development Expert, Globally Published Best Seller Author (Doctor of Sales), https://www.amazon.com/CODE-Sales-Training-Engineer-Programs-ebook/dp/B08T1KDWH6

This is a bit of advertising of the book story.

Me and my head management team have more than 25 years of experience in textile manufacturing and fashion Industry. We have been giving business and sales development services for top fashion brand more than 15 years. If you take a look at our whitepaper you will find there main problems of the Fashion Industry and solutions Now with Metawear we are re-creating the sector digitally for metaverse worlds. Integrating real world and digital worlds fashion operations and providing new line of business for them. We are transforming 3 trillion dollars fashion Industry to metaverse with the whole components. And we can say that we have a solution for 4 biggest problems of the sector. (High Costs — Tough Competition — Recycling and Sustainability — Environmental Damage caused by unnecessary production.

Host: You have a very strong and dynamic team for such a promising project!

Team MetaWear please have a quick-introduction to the community about your project and what will it serve?

Mr. A. Bahadir Yener: One Sentence.

MetaWear is a Huge and Unique Cross Platform Metaverse Creator Ecosystem.

Long one.

Transforming the Whole Fashion Industry to the Metaverse with all components.

Creating NFT 2.0 Cross Platform Real Like Clothes Libraries.

Transforming Top Fashion Brands to Metaverse.

The First Cross-Platform Metaverse Fashion Shopping Mall.

Host: Can you share more about your roadmap ? What are you aiming to achieve in the 3-months term ?

Mr. A. Bahadir Yener: https://www.metaversewear.io/#section-roadmap You can find it here but…

Its not a text that written just for show.

It is our strategic plan engineered buy pro business developers from the sector.

At the end of this year with 50 Digital Tailors and 20 Metaverse Digital Engineers 100 outsider designer franchise (MetaWear Digital Transformation Offices Globally).

We will be the biggest Digital Fashion Creator Office of the World. For Games — Digital Shows — Metaverse and even Movies Please keep in mind we are doing 98,5% Real like Digital Clothes. So we will not only the biggest one but if some one asks who is making best clothes digitally.

The Answer will be ”MetaWear Transformation Offices All Around The World”

Host: Thank you so much for introducing your project to the community.

In segment 2, the Red Kite team picked 5 questions from the Twitter announcement to answer in this AMA session.

Host: Let’s move on to our 2nd segment. For this segment, the team have chosen 5 best questions from our twitter community. Here is the announcement link.

Mr. A. Bahadir Yener: Excellent I love to answer community questions the best.

Host: 1st question from @milee9989 “A good project always has competition and duplication of ideas. What is the long-term vision of @metaweartoken in the blockchain NFT market to keep up with the trends with technology, community and related issues?”

Mr. A. Bahadir Yener: In our segment,

I mean…

“Cross Platform NFT 2.0 Real Like Digital Wearables Creations and Libraries”

We are the one and pioneer project. We started to work a year ago and we are 100% operational with our clients, designers and digital Tailors. There are some other valuable projects as well, We will create the path and be a leader. They will follow us and use our solutions as well.

The sector is 3 trillion dollars big Fashion Industry it is so big even for MetaWear. So we don’t see other future Fashion Project as a competition but lots of collaboration and partnership opportunities.

We will transform real world Fashion Industry to Metaverse all together. Only we at MetaWear have 1.5 year head start and will lead them that is all. (1,5 year head start in metaverse world is almost equivalent 10–15 years experience in real-world).

Host: 2nd question from @hikarumia998 “Could you provide me with information about the profits that the token holds, what other utilities do you expect to add,at least in this year 2022 and finally what are some of the advantages and disadvantages faced by investors and/or holders who buy your token in the long term?”

Mr. A. Bahadir Yener: Yes of course.

This is the hottest part.

There will be numerous roles in MetaWear Creator Ecosystem.

You can buy tokens and can be investor and what the system grows You can own a store in our Cross Platform Fashion Shopping Mall and you can rent it sell it or operate it.

Cross Platform NFT 2.0 Top Fashion Clothes & Fashion Shops for all Metaverse Worlds.

You can trade NFT 2.0 Digital Wearables.

Transforming the Whole Fashion Industry to the Metaverse with all components Transforming Top Fashion Brands clothes and collections for to the Metaverse use.You can open your transformation office and run it. You can stake your WEAR token on your Store and have share from the Fashion Brand who operates the store and make NFT 2.0 or real world sales on this store. You can hold and use your wears to join Unique famous and Collection peace clothes (Celebrity clothes or iconic designs) auctions globally. You can have privileged VIP access or tickets for fashion gathering as a designer or just fashion lover.

So Get your $WEAR Tokens from Redkite and hold it. For being in this eco system before its too late.

Host: 3rd question from @SurbhiVashisth4 “How do you present the Art of Fashion in #METAWEAR ? It is not a easy task to digital transformation and writing the fashion heritage in metaverse. How do you value design and beauty present them in a perfect ways to reach brother audience globally ?”

Mr. A. Bahadir Yener: We have amazing fashion shows created. Impossible podiums and we call it Fashion Dom And we have Registered technologies to make impossible camera moves around the artistic fashion pieces. We will demonstrate clothes like no other you can see in real world. We can show you who and in one second, we can show you tinniest button detail in a collection while our model is walking on the podium. We put one model in the middle of 40.000 sqm arena and see the creation like diamond.

We love it.

We care it.

We present it.

Host: 4th question from @ZeleeZelee “Launching projects in a bull run is much profitable than during the bear cycle. In a bear run where most of the projects fail and sometimes gone into oblivion, how will you stand the test of times? What strategies do the project employ to mitigate possible losses?”

Mr. A. Bahadir Yener: We are seeing this bear market as an opportunity. People get bored with non-moving graphs and lost their enthusiasm. They need fresh ideas and hard-working projects. Most importantly project with a strict business plans and strict vesting model actual use cases and big partners. Who knows, may be with the biggest launch of the year we light the fuse of upcoming Bull Run.

Host: We are now down to our last question for this segment.

5th question from @Karoceh “Some designers has reported about their work has been minted to the NFTs and traded without their permission. Would something like this not happen in MetaWear? How does MetaWear committed to supporting originality and protect designers from piracy?”

Mr. A. Bahadir Yener: You are talking about other NFT projects I guess because we are a legal Entity MetaWear Corp. And we have legal opinions, Real world business cases and Real world business brands we mention already are out clients we have been giving sales and business development services to them more than 10 years.

We have already more than 50 new request form famous brands to get in the project.

So we do not have problem with the brands already in but brands stay out for the initial launch and first appearance of MetaWear World.

Our main concern is not left any top fashsion brand out and make them sad.

Host: You are brilliant for answering questions from our Twitter community.

In Segment 4, 5 participants with their fastest answers to the host’s questions will be winners for the Live Quiz.

Question 1: When is the IDO date for MetaWear on Red Kite Launchpad?

Answer: March 21, 2022

Question 2: What is the Token ($WEAR)’s network?

Answer: Binance Smart Chain — BEP20 is $WEAR token network

Question3: Besides Red Kite, which launchpads do MetaWEAR launch on?

Answer: 21 March2022 Seedify https://launchpad.seedify.fund/pool_detail/upcoming/622ebe7ebba9de559b936f2f

21 March 2022 Ignition Paid Network https://ignition.paidnetwork.com/project/meta-wear

22 March 2022 Gate.io https://www.gate.io/trade/WEAR_USDT

22 March 2022 Pancake Swap https://pancakeswap.finance/

Question 4: What is the price per $WEAR?

Answer: $0.005 is the IDO and Listing Price.

Question 5: Describe MetaWear in one sentence.

Answer: MetaWear is a huge and unique cross platform metaverse creator.

Host: Thank you so much for your time and participation!!

MetaWear’s Official Channel:

Redkite’s Official Channels:



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