Ecosystem Update: Polkamarkets Labs collaborates with Talent Protocol

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3 min readApr 2, 2024

Polkamarkets Labs and Talent Protocol are working together marking a significant step forward in our shared commitment to innovation, transparency, and the empowerment of Web3-native talent.

Talent Protocol has recently unveiled a new version of its platform, focusing on the aggregation of various social credentials on-chain. This innovation creates a new type of resume that leverages rich and verifiable reputation data to highlight true talent in the blockchain space. This move not only enhances the visibility of skilled professionals but also offers a more robust and trustworthy framework for talent assessment.

Introducing the First On-Chain Forecasting Credential

In a combined effort to redefine the standards of professional forecasting, Polkamarkets Labs and Talent Protocol are collaborating to launch the first-ever on-chain forecasting credential. This pioneering initiative aims to certify individuals’ ability to produce accurate forecasts, showcasing their research, analysis, and probability assignment skills. This credential represents a major leap forward in how forecasting skills are demonstrated and recognized in the industry.

Collaborative Initiatives and Integration

The partnership extends into several key areas, all aimed at fostering a more integrated and talent-centric Web3 ecosystem:

  • Talent Prioritization: Polkamarkets Labs will utilize the Talent Passport and Builder Score in our talent review processes for both hiring and grant distribution. This approach ensures that we prioritize individuals who are deeply integrated and verified within the Web3 space.
  • Enhanced Opportunities for Builders: Individuals and teams aiming to develop applications and ventures on the Polkamarkets Protocol are encouraged to submit their Talent Passport. This submission can significantly improve their prospects, including the possibility of receiving bonuses for their grant applications. By leveraging the Talent Passport, builders can unlock new avenues for growth and recognition within the community.
  • The Polkamarkets Forecaster Credential: We are set to introduce a specialized Forecaster Credential that integrates seamlessly with the Talent Passport. This credential will be universally recognized across a variety of dApps, including Polkamarkets DeFi and other Polkamarkets Protocol-powered platforms, thereby enhancing the credibility and visibility of forecasters.
  • Future Integration with Attestations: Looking ahead, we plan to align with Talent Protocol’s upcoming integration of attestations. These tokens will serve as immutable evidence of an individual’s professional engagements and achievements, further enriching the talent assessment process.

The collaboration between Polkamarkets Labs and Talent Protocol represents a groundbreaking fusion of forecasting proficiency and blockchain technology. By creating a more interconnected and transparent environment, we aim to not only elevate the standard of talent within the Web3 space but also provide unprecedented opportunities for professionals and creators alike.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to build towards a more integrated and talent-driven future.


Polkamarkets Labs:

Polkamarkets Labs crafts solutions for social prediction market platforms. We specialize in developing social prediction experiences for brands, communities, creators, and companies, enabling seamless connections with their audiences through insightful engagements around future trends.

Talent Protocol:

Talent Protocol is building the resume for the onchain era of the internet. The protocol works with trusted data sources like GitHub, Farcaster or LinkedIn to unlock unique reputation data and bring it onchain as verifiable and interoperable credentials. App developers can easily integrate with Talent Protocol via an API, and access 260K+ Talent Passport holders.