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Introducing Polkamarkets Discord Roles

Introducing Polkamarkets Discord Roles

We’re introducing new roles to the Polkamarkets Discord community to distinguish prominent community members. The roles are awarded based on member activity in the Polkamarkets Protocol, as well as in the Polkamarkets Discord.

If you haven’t already joined our Discord and Twitter, click here to join the conversation! Please also read this article to know more about the weekly rewards of $POLK for different actions created on the Protocol.

New Discord Roles

We want to build the future of Prediction Markets together with the Polkamarkets Community and we’re taking progressive steps towards strengthening our bond. The new Discord roles we’re announcing today serve two purposes:

  1. To recognise the past participation of community members
  2. Provide pointers to new and existing members who want to contribute more to the future of Prediction Markets and Polkamarkets specifically

The new roles that we’re introducing today are:

  • Hodler: For holders of the $POLK utility token. This role will grant you access to upcoming protocol governance activities, as a way to experiment prior to the full-blown, automated protocol governance.
  • Catalyzer: Polkamarkets Community members that provided regular and relevant feedback, whether that be from consistent value-adding or responsiveness, will be given the Catalyzer role.
  • Virtuoso: Polkamarkets users that have collected all the Polky NFTs will be granted the Virtuoso role, highlighting their power usage of the Polkamarkets Protocol.
  • Sensei: The early adopters of the Polkamarkets Protocol who tried the Polkamarkets testnet release. Sensei are members who supported us on our way to the mainnet launch, initially on Moonriver.

Note: In order for the user to redeem its Hodler or Sensei role, we’re using Guild.xyz for address verification. All you need to do is to join Polkamarkets’ Guild to get access to your role.

How do I get my role(s)?

All you need to do is to follow the steps on the new channel #🏅/roles. Or send a Direct Message to one of the moderators in the Polkamarkets Discord, and they’ll walk you through the process. Grab them while they’re hot!

About Polkamarkets

Polkamarkets is an Autonomous Prediction Market Protocol built for multi-chain information exchange and trading where users take positions on outcomes of real-world events–in decentralized and interoperable EVMs.








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