Polkamarkets 101 Series: What are verified markets?

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Polkamarkets 101 Series: What are verified markets?

In the eighth article of the Polkamarkets 101 Series, we cover the topic of what are verified markets and how you can submit your market for verification. Polkamarkets 101 is a series of videos and extended Help Center articles that make it easier for users to get started with Polkamarkets.

What are verified markets?

By default, the Polkamarkets web application only displays “Verified markets”. To see all markets, you must uncheck the “Verified” filter.

This feature only applies to the application and is not a core part of the protocol. Developers implementing the application and protocol can choose not to use this feature, or to implement equivalent functionality any way they see fit.

Verified markets in the application are markets that conform to the following criteria:

  1. The question is written in fluent English and provides clear resolution criteria;
  2. The outcomes are clear and realistic;
  3. The market is well categorized;
  4. The market has the right resolution source;
  5. The market’s expiration date is realistic;
  6. The market is illustrated by a picture or image that accurately represents the nature of the market;
  7. The market has liquidity;
  8. The market respects the application’s Terms and Conditions.

It’s important to underline that Verified markets are not endorsed, recommended, sponsored, or judged as safe by Polkamarkets Labs. Verified markets do not constitute financial or investment advice. You must read and agree to the Terms and Conditions and Risk Disclosure before interacting with the web application and the Polkamarkets protocol.

How do I request market verification?

Market creators on Moonbeam and Moonriver can request market verification in Polkamarket’s Discord for inclusion in the Verified markets list in the application.

Markets are marked as verified by the Polkamarkets Labs team at their ultimate discretion, according to the criteria listed above, and using input from the community when provided in Discord.

Read more about how to create a market and join our Discord community.

You can learn more in the help center, where you’ll find information regarding the following topics:

  • Basic information about the Polkamarkets Protocol
  • How to create a verifiable market
  • POLK Token & Tokenomics
  • Other Frequently Asked Questions

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