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Polkamarkets Monthly Recap — September 2021

Polkamarkets #8 Monthly Recap — September 2021
Polkamarkets #8 Monthly Recap — September 2021

As part of the Polkamarkets Roadmap, much work has been done to get the protocol ready for mainnet. The month of September marked the most important milestones for Polkamarkets to date, as we launched the prediction market protocol in a live environment.

Polkamarkets Mainnet is here! Premiered at Moonriver, an EVM built on top of Kusama

Without further ado, here’s a summary of what we accomplished in the latest month:

Release of Mainnet, Premiered at Moonriver

Polkamarkets deployed live on Moonriver on the last day of September, fulfilling its roadmap achievement as promised. Now the community can use the protocol on Moonriver and be part of the future of forecasting in a 100% decentralized protocol. (read more)

Meter.io Partnership for Moonriver Bridge

This partnership plays a critical role in Polkamarket’s roadmap towards its Moonriver mainnet release. Meter.io is an infrastructure for connecting smart contracts on different blockchains while helping them to scale their resources. Polkamarkets and Meter will work together to offer a fast and secure bridge from Ethereum to Moonriver for the POLK token. (read more)

Bridge POLK from Ethereum to Moonriver via Meter

In order for users to use their POLK on the protocol, they will have to bridge their ERC-20 POLK tokens on Ethereum over to Moonriver using Meter. (read more)

Upcoming in October

A lot of things are in the pipeline, and in October we will be focusing on the following:

  • A new landing page will soon be launched with all the protocol metrics, TVL, and much more.
  • An extended support/FAQ page with all of the community’s questions regarding the prediction markets protocol.
  • Protocol rewards initiatives are also being worked on and will launch once stable to ensure that protocol users receive $POLK by using the Protocol.
  • Gather feedback from the mainnet launch.

We are humbled and thankful to our amazing community for all their support and feedback. We are very excited about the work we are doing and what Q4 2021 will bring.

About Polkamarkets

Polkamarkets is an Autonomous Prediction Market Protocol built for multi-chain information exchange and trading where users take positions on outcomes of real-world events–in decentralized and interoperable EVMs.









An Autonomous Prediction Market Protocol Built for multi-chain information exchange and trading, where users take positions on outcomes of real-world events. Find the Polkamarkets Protocol in decentralized and interoperable EVMs on Polkadot and Kusama.

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Autonomous Prediction Market Protocol, an EVM protocol solution for the Polkadot Ecosystem. https://www.polkamarkets.com/

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