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Polkamarkets For Developers

Polkamarkets For Developers

Decentralized Prediction Markets Technology

  • Integrate prediction markets into your dApps using the Polkamarkets JS SDK;
  • Deploy your own decentralized prediction marketplaces, or Prediction DEXes, using the entire code base;
  • Create custom prediction markets products using bits and pieces from our codebase.

Why chose Polkamarkets Technology?

  • Open-source technology, which anyone can use;
  • Fully decentralized markets managed by smart contracts and events on the blockchain;
  • Immutable ledger for transparent markets;
  • Web3 app + API for a fast and easy user experience;
  • Crypto-tokens for predictions, rewards, and incentives.

How to build your own prediction markets

How to contribute to Polkamarkets development

How can Polkamarkets Labs help?

About Polkamarkets



An Autonomous Prediction Market Protocol Built for multi-chain information exchange and trading, where users take positions on outcomes of real-world events. Find the Polkamarkets Protocol in decentralized and interoperable EVMs on Polkadot and Kusama.

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Polkamarkets Labs

Autonomous Prediction Market Protocol, an EVM protocol solution for the Polkadot Ecosystem. https://www.polkamarkets.com/