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Polkamarkets Monthly Recap — April 2022

Polkamarkets Monthly Recap — April 2022

In April we launched a powerful new feature, Market News, bringing the latest relevant news related to each prediction market right into the application. This feature highlights the power of prediction markets when put in context of world events. The relationship can go both ways: news can help forecasters make better decisions, and forecasts can help news consumers get more information about what they’re reading.

We’re also excited on the traction front: we’re approaching the 1000 monthly users mark on Moonriver and Moonbeam, and more and more companies and communities are reaching out to us to use our technology in their own products.

The launch of the Polkamarkets 101 series has seen some great feedback from new users, and we’ll continue to publish new content to help users onboard and become proficient with Polkamarkets and prediction markets.

The next few months are going to be exciting, as we continue to make progress on the V2 of our protocol and are seeing usage growth on different EVM blockchains and L2s. Definitely stay tuned.

Announcing Market News Public Beta

Every market in the Polkamarkets app has relevant and fresh articles in the “News” tab. Articles are fetched automatically upon market creation and cached in a database for performance, then refreshed hourly This News Aggregation feature, allows forecasters to easily stay up-to-date with relevant information about the markets they’re interested in. (read more)

Polkamarkets 101 Series: How to create a market

Covering the topic of how POLK holders are able to create Prediction Markets with Polkamarkets. POLK holders are able to create markets and are essential users of the Polkamarkets Protocol. The minimum balance you’ll need to hold in your wallet is 1000 POLK. This amount will not be deducted from your balance when creating a market. (read more)

Polkamarkets 101 Series: How to place market predictions

Covering the topic of how to place market predictions with Polkamarkets. Buying and selling shares with the trading sidebar is really intuitive. (read more)

Polkamarkets 101 Series: How liquidity works

Covering the topic of how liquidity works in the Polkamarkets protocol. Liquidity Providers are essential to decentralized prediction markets. Before forecasters can buy and sell outcome shares in a prediction market, markets are required to have liquidity. (read more)

Polkamarkets 101 Series: How market resolution works

Covering the topic of how market resolution works on Polkamarkets. One of the main differences between Polkamarkets-powered prediction marketplaces and other blockchain-based marketplaces is that the resolution mechanism is crowd-sourced and decentralized by default. (read more)

What’s next?

At Polkamarkets Labs we’re fully committed to bringing the most powerful forecasting tool to the Prediction Markets industry and blockchain.

  • Polkamarkets Protocol V2 on EVM-compatible blockchains, with features such as multiple outcomes (>2), stable ERC20 options, oracle resolution options, initial market prices (odds), liquidity mining ($POLK), and much more.
  • Fiat Ramp.

Beyond Polkamarkets V2, we have big ambitions:

  • Development of a Substrate based on the Protocol for the v2 prediction market protocol solution.
  • Consensys Smart Contract Audit on Polkamarkets V2.
  • Mobile App.
  • Deployment in other EVMs.
  • POLK V2 Protocol Governance (DAO).
  • Polkamarkets Alliance Group.

You can read more in our Public Roadmap. Have ideas and suggestions? Join our Discord Server to discuss with other forecasters and the team!

We are hiring!

We look forward to the next steps and if you are looking to join a great project, please drop us your resume here!

  • Node.js & Solidity Developer (apply)

About Polkamarkets

Polkamarkets is an Autonomous Prediction Market Protocol built for multi-chain information exchange and trading where users take positions on outcomes of real-world events–in decentralized and interoperable EVMs.








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