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Polkamarkets Monthly Recap — August 2022

Polkamarkets Monthly Recap — August 2022

We have had a busy summer at Polkamarkets Labs, working on new features, on the development Polkamarkets V2 and collaborating with other businesses to integrate prediction markets into their own products to expand and reach new audiences. Let’s take a look back at the month of August 2022:

Release of User Profiles on the Polkamarkets Web App

User Profiles come to complement the Leaderboard & Rankings feature, allowing participants in the Polkamarkets Protocol to see and compare their activity and performance. User Profiles are indexed by wallet address so that anyone can see any wallet’s activity and performance. (read more)

Polkamarkets Blog Revamped

We have revamped our blog to make it easier for you and for newcomers to find information about Polkamarkets. Whereas previously you’d only see our content as a timeline, you can now find our articles organized in different categories, making content discovery easier and making our content look a lot nicer. (read blog)

Introducing Weekly Radar

A curated collection of glimpses into the future by selecting the most interesting markets created by the community, and highlighting new unexplored topics that could be addressed in future markets. Learn what will happen tomorrow, as predicted by the users of the Polkamarkets Protocol. At Polkmarkets Labs, we want the Polkamarkets Protocol to become the gateway to a better understanding of the world. (read more)

What’s next?

We work hard to provide the tools for making accurate predictions and foster knowledge sharing and collective wisdom in the Polkamarkets community. We are hard at work on Polkamarkets Protocol V2, so stay tuned for more updates.

Our goal remains to bring the most decentralized, usable, and exciting prediction market protocol to the web3 space, allowing anyone to participate and forecast the future.

You can read more in our Public Roadmap, which we update regularly and shows what we’re working on.

If you have any ideas and suggestions? Join The Polkamarkets Discord Server to discuss with other forecasters and the team. If you’re a business looking to leverage prediction markets, talk with us!

About Polkamarkets

Polkamarkets is an Autonomous Prediction Market Protocol built for multi-chain information exchange and trading where users take positions on outcomes of real-world events–in decentralized and interoperable EVMs.








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