Polkamarkets Monthly Recap — January 2023

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Polkamarkets Monthly Recap — January 2023

Polkamarkets Labs wrapped up 2022 on a high note with the Illuminate Fantasy League, the first Fantasy Predictions Tournament powered by Polkamarkets V2 technology. As 2023 begins, we’re motivated to maintain the momentum and further our mission of making prediction markets accessible and captivating for all.

One of the major areas of focus for us this month has been leveraging what we learned from the IFL experience to further improve the feature set, efficiency, and robustness of Polkamarkets Protocol V2 and the new version of the Polkamarkets Web App.

Throughout January, our product development and design team has focused on ensuring that the new version is faster, more user-friendly, and even more robust than the current one. We are confident that these upgrades will help us to better serve our growing community and attract even more users to the world of prediction markets. You can check out the details of our progress directly on the Polkamarkets GitHub profile, as we continue to build in the open.

Another essential part of our mission is to educate people about prediction markets and what they offer. To this end, we have been working on a new series of educational content focused on real-world use cases, beyond what might seem obvious to the casual observer or even the experienced forecaster.

In the first article of this series, we dove into how businesses can leverage prediction markets to forecast business goals in a variety of ways. An example of the potential use of prediction markets for businesses is product development. By creating a market around the potential success of a new product, businesses can gather valuable insights into consumer demand and identify potential issues early on. This can help businesses make more informed decisions about which products to invest in and how to improve existing products.

What’s coming next?

As hinted at in the Polkamarkets Labs 2022 recap, the experience that we garnered with the IFL is having deep repercussions on how we’re building the future of Polkamarkets, always in line with our vision of a user-friendly, gamified, prediction markets protocol. We’re focused on the release of Polkamarkets V2, but that’s not all that you can expect from Polkamarkets Labs in 2023. Apologies for teasing, but we won’t reveal more yet 😉.

Amidst our ongoing efforts on the product side, we continue to put our community at the heart of everything we do. Our Discord activity has gone up a notch, and we’ll continue to double down on it. We’re confident that 2023 will be another fantastic year, so stay with us for the ride!

Stay up-to-date with our progress and see what we’re focusing on next by regularly checking Polkamarkets Public Roadmap.

Also, don’t forget to keep an eye on our social media channels listed below, as we continue to push the boundaries and lead the way in the decentralized prediction market space with Polkamarkets.

Do you have any ideas or suggestions? Join The Polkamarkets Discord Server to discuss with other forecasters and the Polkamarkets team. And, If you’re a business looking to leverage prediction markets, don’t hesitate to talk with us!

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