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Weekly Radar (November 16, 2022) — World Cup Edition #2

Weekly Radar (November 16, 2022) — World Cup Edition #2
Weekly Radar (November 16, 2022) — World Cup Edition #2

After reaching the semi-finals in Russia in 2018 and coming within a shootout of conquering Euro 2020, the idea of England winning the World Cup for the first time in 56 years is no longer so far-fetched. However, this optimistic perspective contrasts with the team’s recent performance, with no victories in the last six games, including two defeats to Hungary. On top of that, there are also injuries from essential players, most notably Reece James.

Photography: Catherine Ivill, Getty Images
Photography: Catherine Ivill, Getty Images

Another thing also playing against England is that they have never passed the quarter-finals in a World Cup held outside of Europe. The eighth place they reached in Mexico in 1970, 1986, and Japan/Korea in 2002 was the best result that the Three Lions have ever achieved outside of their home continent.

On the bright side, England got away with a pretty straightforward draw and is the overwhelming favorite to top the group containing Iran, the United States, and Wales.

With all this considered, the Polkamarkets Community begs to know if England will pass the Quarter-finals in the upcoming World Cup. As of now, the odds are pretty much even with the NO position priced at 0.551 GLMR. Only time — and some wise forecasting — will tell if they can break that milestone, or if Brexit will come earlier for England in the competition.

Photography: Wagner Meier
Photography: Wagner Meier

Twenty years have passed since Luiz Felipe Scolari led Brazil to win its fifth and last World Cup. Sixteen years before, Argentina carried the trophy with Carlos Bilardo at the helm, and we must go back 72 years to remember Juan López lifting the World Cup for Uruguay. That’s how long fans from the leading South American football nations have been waiting to see their National Teams become World Champions again. On the other hand, Europe is on an unprecedented run of four World Cup wins, thanks to the victories by Italy (2006), Spain (2010), Germany (2014), and France (2018).

Nonetheless, the gap between countries of different continents is fading as football becomes increasingly global. In fact, Brazil and Argentina are heading into the 2022 World Cup with powerful squads, with their most prominent players starring in prime European clubs, which explains why Opta’s prediction model ranks Brazil and Argentina in first and third place in their chances to win the 2022 World Cup, respectively.

As of now, the Polkamarkets community is backing this trend and leaning on the possibility of a South American Team winning the 2022 World Cup, with the YES position priced at 0.607 GLMR. But will Messi’s unrivaled class be enough to lead the Argentina squad to glory? Or do Neymar and his teammates have what it takes to swipe the sixth Copa to the Canarinha? One thing is sure: it will be a delight to see such talented players trying to write their and their country’s names into World Cup History.

Ronaldo and Messi share many outstanding achievements in football, but the World Cup holds one last bone to pick between them.

The rivalry between Ronaldo and Messi has lasted decades, to the delight of football fans around the globe.

Between them, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have mopped up pretty much everything there is to achieve in goal-scoring terms. Both have a combined sum of more than 1500 official goals scored, although Ronaldo was the only one to score a goal in the first two minutes of a game.

And when we think there is nothing else they can aim for in their golden careers, we realize none of them has ever scored a goal in a World Cup knockout stage. Yes, you read it right: neither has scored beyond the group stages in their careers, and the 2022 World Cup is most likely their last chance to achieve it. So, can Ronaldo and/or Messi emulate the likes of Matt Upson, Harry Maguire, and Emile Heskey, by scoring a goal in the later stages of a World Cup? The Polkamarkets Community could certainly pool its wisdom to help shed light on the matter.

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