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Weekly Radar (November 24, 2022) — World Cup Edition #3

Weekly Radar (November 24, 2022) — World Cup Edition #3

In theory, Germany would have a good chance of qualifying in first place in Group E, considering that their opponents are Japan, Costa Rica, and a renewed, somewhat inexperienced Spanish armada. And the Polkamakets community followed that perception until the ball started rolling and Japan surprised the world with a victory over the historic four-time World Cup-winning team.

Photo: Alex Livesey — Danehouse/GettyImages
Photo: Alex Livesey — Danehouse/GettyImages

Then, to further muddy the odds, Spain enters the competition with great character and pulls off a crushing 7–0 victory over Costa Rica. Reality always trumps theory, and the Polkamarkets community reacted in tune over the probability of Germany finishing first in Group E, with the YES position dropping its price to 0.506 GLMR.

And bear in mind that Germany will still have to face super-motivated Spain. In that case, we could be on the verge of a historic elimination of the Mannschaft: a big blow for a country that, before 2018, never failed to reach at least the quarterfinals of every tournament they participated in.

Argentina, considered by many to be among the FIFA World Cup title favorites, began its Qatar 2022 campaign with a shock 1–2 loss to Saudi Arabia, which puts their participation in the World Cup at risk since a loss this weekend could leave them out of the tournament. On the other side of the pitch, Mexico will arrive on the back of a good performance against Poland, which ended in a scoreless draw but where Guillermo Ochoa saved a penalty kick.

Argentina needs to win both games to give itself the best chance of advancing. On the other hand, losing to Mexico or Poland would almost end Argentina’s hopes of making it to the knockouts. Despite their shoddy performance, the chances of Mexico beating Argentina in their upcoming battle are low.

Odds still favor La Albiceleste, as they won six of their last seven games against Mexico and haven’t lost a game against this particular opponent since 2004. The Polkamarkets Community also leans toward Messi’s squad, with the NO position priced at 0.567 MOVR. Let’s see what the future holds for this South-American showdown.

As Qatar’s WorldCup moves on, seven Nations are showing no LOVE for FIFA’s close-minded intolerance. But will they scale their protest to the next definitive level?

Qatar’s World Cup is clouded by allegations of human rights violations, corruption, and intolerance toward the LGBT community aimed at Qatar’s rulers. In this regard, the captains of seven European nations (Denmark, England, Wales, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and Switzerland) were planning on wearing anti-discrimination armbands in protest.

Shortly before England began their campaign against Iran, however, they were threatened with sporting sanctions by FIFA, thought to bear at least a yellow card for the captain, but possibly more serious ones. This came as a surprise and unleashed a strong backlash to FIFA’s decision, with reports claiming that the Danish Football Association was ready to leave FIFA. The German football association also seems to be ready to take measures against FIFA, as they plan to take Football’s highest authority to court over the ban. The DBU delegation underlined the “anger” FIFA’s decision has caused and stated they would not formally support current president Gianni Infantino — standing unopposed — in his reelection bid.

Could this reaction from these important nations lead to any of them leaving FIFA permanently? To what extent might FIFA’s recent actions determine its weakening in the future? These are undoubtedly essential questions to ponder as the ball keeps rolling in Qatar.

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