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AMA RECAP — NftyPlay and Roseon Finance

With great pleasure and enthusiasm, we’d like to share a vivid picture of an amazing AMA session held in two rounds with one of our valuable partners, Roseon Finance. This interactive session gave NftyPlay and Roseon a golden opportunity to expand our community by interacting and answering the queries of each other’s community.

The first round of this AMA session was held in Roseon Finance Telegram Discussion channel where our CEO, Sugnesh Patel, and CMO, Dzianis Kaplun represented NftyPlay and answered all the questions. The second round took place in the NftyPlay Telegram Discussion channel where the BDM of Roseon Finance, Lynn Nguyen, joined us to discuss and highlight all that our community wanted to know.

Each round of the AMA was further segmented into three parts: Introduction, Twitter Questions, Live Q&A/Live Quiz. So, without further ado, let’s take you through these amazing rounds.

About Roseon Finance: Roseon Finance ($ROSN) is a mobile yield aggregator that manages your crypto + NFT portfolio and optimizes yield across DeFi and CeFi networks.

First Round at Roseon Finance

Segment 1: Introduction

Lynn: Could you please introduce yourselves to our Community?

Sug: Sure, I’m the CEO at Polkaplay and I have extensive experience in IT & software development with a strong knowledge of Business Architecture. I have helped multiple fortune 500 companies in building high-performing software development teams that deliver quality software applications in an iterative manner following scrum & agile methodologies.

My crypto journey started in 2017 while working in NYC and attending different crypto meet-ups while networking with some very knowledgeable people within the space.

Dzianis: I, with my knowledge and experience in business management and marketing from Odisee, have also been fortunate enough to take part in the growing industry of equity markets and crypto. I got involved in crypto in late 2018, at the bottom of the crypto market after the retracement from ATHs.

Ever since, I’ve been passionate about various projects, however at the end when I met Sugnesh, I really liked the concept of PolkaPlay, and ever since partook in the project development process as a CMO.

Lynn: Next question. Can you share with us the biggest achievements over the past year and now? What are the main thoughts you want to convey through the AMA today?

Sug: As we are getting close to our launch we want to share our upcoming product with amazing communities like yours. We are currently at MVP version for our upcoming social NFT marketplace.

So far we have had amazing feedback for the MVP from the team members and few early adopters and would love for your community to join us and try it out as well. We are constantly working on improving our user experience and introducing new features. Would love to share more about it.

Lynn: So what would you refer to as the most difficult challenge involved in building a unique NFT project like yours?

Dzianis: Bringing and retaining content creators will be the crucial aspect as that will dictate the popularity of the platform amongst day-to-day users. Our priority is making PolkaPlay easy to use and have low barriers to entry such as gasless minting on our platform.

Sug: We are also working on keeping it seamless in terms of not having to connect to noncustodial wallets for approving or confirming tx and keep it within the app. We strive to reach the whole globe at a point where PolkaPLay can facilitate everyone’s needs in terms of content creation and monetization.

Lynn: Thank you Sug and Dzianis for your answer. Next question for you guys. Marketing is a central element for every project so that everyone knows the potential that a project can bring is vital to achieving the goals set. What is your strategy to attract new users and investors to your platform and keep them long-term?

Dzianis: Part of our marketing campaign involves reaching out to reputable influencers who have built a dedicated social following base and are viewed as experts within the crypto niche to spread awareness. Additionally, through partnerships and co-marketing we believe we can bring great visibility to our platform and incentivize our early adopters to propel continuous growth.

Lynn: What is the thing that can only be found in Polkaplay? And what steps will you take to increase demand?

Sug: Gasless minting and user rewards for gamification are something very unique that we have to offer and will help ensure the growth of PolkaPlay. There are dozens of generic social media apps flooding the market. However, most established social media platforms don’t have an integrated NFT marketplace, which gives us an opportunity to funnel skilled artists/influencers and provide them with every tool to monetize their talent seamlessly.

Segment II: Twitter Question

Q. @tanmoy07322405: I read that POLO will release its own NFT Marketplace. Could you explain more about this marketplace? Can I sell my own NFTs in that marketplace? Are there any certain requirements for users who want to buy and sell their NFTs in that marketplace?

Dzianis: PolkaPlay is an inclusive platform for everyone regardless of interests, genres, and types of content/NFTs, etc. There is no specific selection since the platform is free to use for anyone and from anywhere. Minted NFTs on PolkaPlay can be sent to third-party platforms such as OpenSea and content can be shared between other social media platforms.

Users will be able to mint 1 FREE NFT. However, those active users who intend to mint more than 1 NFTs in 24 hours would have to hold 100 $POLO tokens on their balance.

Q. @k_pejuang: As we know security is very important in this space, a lot of projects get exploited and funds get lost. How do you plan to prove that your contracts are secure? Have you done any audits so far and if not do you plan on doing any?

Sug: Yes absolutely, we will be getting our smart contracts audited by reputed auditors and publish them to ensure that they go through rigorous testing and are properly secured.

Q. @capcosmos: Your token $POLO will drive the Polkaplay Ecosystem with many utilities like staking to participate in NFT drops, but will the NFTs be the only way you reward your Stakers? What about the distribution of the fees? How will it be done and what will be their destinations?

Sug: NFTs will be one of the ways we reward and the platform will also be gamified to reward users for positive engagement. More details about the distribution of the fees for the shaking vault are shared in our Litepaper. All fees from there will be distributed back to rewards, staking, marketing, and farming pools.

Q. @Sathicrypto: Which one of these aspects is important to you?

1- Increasing Token Price &Value

2- Empowering Platform Development

3- Building Community Trust

4- Expanding Partnership Globally

In what order?

Dzianis: $POLO token value will follow development progress gradually, as we reach our aims and achieve roadmap objectives, and move forward into the project’s core development. We definitely have a long road ahead of us, but definitely an exciting one! Staking, liquidity mining pools, exchange listings, community rewards, partnership expansion, social platform integrations are all of the things we strive to achieve moving forward.

All of those aspects are important which will make PolkaPlay the platform we will all enjoy using!

Q. @CryptoNeco: One of PolkaPlay’s goals is to allow creators to monetize their skills. How can an NFT artist join the Polkaplay Platform to earn money? Will they be required to hold a certain amount of $POLO for this?

Dzianis: PolkaPlay is inviting content creators from all over the world & from different sector industries to represent, promote PolkaPlay as a platform that enables users to create, mint, tokenize, and share talent with the world. It’s super easy to sign up and become a creator. The platform will be very simple to use and our Mission at Polkaplay is to offer a seamless platform where users can convert their content to NFTs.

Creators can choose to release limited art, pics, music and release it to a small group of their followers first. Users staking or willing to pay creators in POLO tokens will have the benefit of early access to this content.

As mentioned before, users will be able to mint 1 FREE NFT. However, those active users who intend to mint more than 1 NFTs in 24 hours would have to hold 100 $POLO tokens on their balance.

Segment III: Live Q&A Session

Q. There were massive projects about NFTs, some of them have protection copyright features, time locking period, etc. At Polkaplay, what will be the best feature and unique feature which will be offered to users?

Dzianis: PolkaPlay platform is free to use for anyone and from anywhere, as well as no restrictions on the content. Nevertheless, we encourage users to follow basic guidelines and respect the community, as well as restrain from using copyrighted material, which can be solved with digital signatures Each digital asset will contain a unit of data that will represent the asset for which the signature is being created by the creator. Such units cannot be altered and are stored on the blockchain, giving the creator a set of exclusive rights and serve as proof of ownership.

Q. How can I buy tokens from your project? Will Polkaplay have a program to sell tokens to users in the near future?

Sug: We have multiple IDOs coming up, stay tuned for more details.

Q. What are your plans for global adoption? For people who don’t speak English, how would you attract them to Polkaplay?

Dzianis: PolkaPlay will increase its global presence as the number of participating users and content creators increases. Additionally, we have PolkaPlay groups with other languages which will bring international non-English speaking users.

Q. How can users deposit and use the platform your Polkaplay created? Do you have any instructions for them?

Sug: It will work in simple steps so it’s convenient for all users.

  • Take a pic/video or upload your content on the NftyPlay platform
  • Hold 100 POLO tokens in your wallet so you can mint your content to NFT
  • Click on sell and list it on our marketplace

Q. What is the leading Utility of the $POLO token? And what is tokenomics?

Dzianis: Staking $POLO will allow users to participate in exclusive NFT drops from our collection & creators. Users can also participate in platform governance and earn returns from entry/exit fees.

Second Round at NftyPlay

Segment I: Introduction

Naga: Before we start, could you please introduce yourself and go over your background so everyone in here gets to know you better?

Lynn: I’m Lynn, in charge of Business Development in Roseon Finance. I’ve been working for Roseon for almost a year now. I had many years working in TraFi and back then I took on 2 jobs at the same time including Roseon. The more friction I had with Crypto the more I realized that would be the future, so I decided to focus on it crucially and here I am today on behalf of Roseon. Being with Roseon since day 1 when it was conceived to be just a wallet till it changed to an aggregator like what we have today, I would say it’s been a great journey with a lot of ups and downs and lessons and I’ll never stop learning in this fast-growing industry. Learn to be better.

Naga: Can you share about the Roseon Finance and NftyPlay partnership with the community?

Lynn: Under the terms of the partnership, Roseon Finance will launch $ROSN Farming Pool, which allows users to stake $ROSN and earn $POLO; and POLO/BNB LP Dual Rewards Farming Pool to reward the community with $POLO and $ROSN tokens by providing liquidity on PancakeSwap.

Being the advanced and one-of-a-kind NFT marketplace, PolkaPlay is one of the ideal partners to work with, as we both share the same mission of developing the NFT marketplace by simplifying the user experience. The integration of PolkaPlay into Roseon Mobile Application to support its “NFT Moments” feature will strengthen the platform to another extent. Users can capture their NFT moments and send them to their friends, or sell them to their followers. Additionally, Roseon Finance will host its NFT Collection and TikTok content on PolkaPlay’s social platform.

Naga: Can you share with the community about the ongoing Roseon Finance and NftyPlay LP staking program?

Lynn: To celebrate the partnership with NftyPlay, Roseon Finance lists the POLO and POLO-BNB LP tokens, and introduces the LP Staking with Dual Rewards. Anyone can easily take part by staking POLO-BNB LP tokens in our app to earn $POLO and $ROSN. Details of the LP Staking with Dual Rewards pool are below:

  • Deposit: POLO-BNB LP
  • Earn: $ROSN and $POLO (Variable APR 788,39%)

We will also launch another farming pool, in which users can stake $ROSN to earn $POLO with attractive returns:

  • Deposit: $ROSN
  • Earn: $POLO (Variable 42.86%)

Both of the pools are Flexible in which means users can stake anytime and will receive their rewards after 60 days. Until now, after 3 days, we have more than 2,200 POLO-BNB LP and 115,000 ROSN staked to earn POLO, which is really good and we know these numbers will increase for sure.

Segment II: Twitter Questions

Q. @Nht25456236: You point out that Roseon provides you with the best of both worlds, both CeFi and DeFi, but really what CeFi products will be needed? Why not just focus on DeFi, which is the finances of the future after all, right?

Lynn: Decentralized finance eliminates the necessity of third-parties agents and their intermediate costs and this allows DeFi users to garner better rewards than otherwise. However, there are huge barriers to entry that dissuade crypto novices as the learning curve is extremely steep due to the complexity of the instruments and speed of market evolution that creates a barrier limiting the entry of many new retail users.

While Centralized applications are user friendly but require compliance and trust, we believe DeFi will not completely replace Centralized Finance, and that it is more likely that CeFi/DeFi hybrids will co-exist, with CeFi institutions likely to pick and choose which DeFi products they like and eventually integrate them into their more user-friendly platforms. This is why Roseon is a hybrid model, we want to take the best of both worlds into a mobile interface.

Q. @jonny25064148: Where is the “Roseon “ road map now? Are all targets in accordance with the current road map? and what are the next steps that will be taken in the future?

Lynn: Talking about Roadmap, we’re always ahead of schedule I can say. These are all features in the app and they go like this

Defi -> NFTs -> Portfolio MGT -> Chain/partnership integration.

We currently support ETH, BSC, and MATIC network, and have been talking with many other chains but we want to slow down a little bit since we prioritize sticking to the plan.

As you all may have known, Gamefi is hot and hopefully, we can bring the games into our mobile application as we are talking to few games in terms of expanding partnership integration.

Q. @MinhTru31477298: I think many people here are quite interested in the $ROSN, both utility & structure. how does $ROSN work as a utility token for the network? How does it benefit both the network & the owner? Is there any reward mechanism for holding $ROSN? What are the benefits of Holding?

Lynn: ROSN is a utility token, it is used to access services within our app. You can use ROSN to Farm/Stake, access VIP farms, and pay fees. Pretty much like BNB on Binance.

1. Access to all of the ecosystem services;

2. Discounts on the Roseon platform fees;

3. Tiered loyalty rewards.

For those holding $ROSN, what can they benefit from? They can benefit from our continuous various options of saving and farming pools with high APR, from additional APR as a 1 specific level of VIP and from a team who always strive to deliver to make them believe in our project, not just hold our token, but also our project as a whole.

We also are working with a lot of different Defi projects, where users can access Roseon staking and farming using ROSN tokens and access premium services on those partnered platforms.

Q. @Daudau123456: A strong community not only brings interesting ideas to the project but also attracts larger partners. So how “Roseon “ is planning to build its community? And is there a plan to recruit people with Blockchain experience to the “Roseon “ team?

Lynn: Yes, of course, our core team are people with many years of experience in Blockchain (our CEO and CTO), We’re expanding and we’re always looking for talented blockchain experts, especially developers onboard. I would say Roseon is a community-driven project. How are we going to build our Community? We build with “trust”. Empowering platform development should be in the 1st place. Our team always puts 110% effort into adding innovative features and bringing our product to the next level.

In addition, we will also expand partnerships locally and globally with amazing partners like NFTPlay to extend our ecosystem and grow our user base. Roseon believes the token price is not only a reflection of the market but also how much trust you gain from the community. If the team is eager to deliver, the community will sense it and will be committed to the long-term success of the project. Therefore, our concentration is not whether the community will sell or hold, it’s about how much trust we can acquire from them. If our community holds in trust, they will never leave us.

Q. @Praveen43673603: First and the most classic question about which the investors concerns are greatly concerned, what would you do to make them realize that after investing their funds in your project they are in safe hands? What About your security policy?

Lynn: We are working with Verichains, a top security firm in Vietnam to audit our multisignature wallet process and smart contract codes. We use multisignature, and good key management practices along with strong access control to all servers. We only allow access through a VPN and limit access to the minimum number of staff.

So, our key management servers are not accessible from the rest of the internet, even with credentials. We conduct due diligence on the farms we use and only work with large reputable CEX such as Binance. As a matter of fact, most of our bots run on Binance and we are farming BSC DeFi services.

Our security team will always improve any end-to-end measures to further reduce any possible ‘attack surface’, within the Roseon ecosystem. As part of our high-security standards, all data is encrypted and salted internally. We also keep login data for analysis, and also implement IP analysis to avoid any intrusion.

The Roseon backend services implement an insta-freeze on withdrawals if any abnormality is detected requiring manual administrator intervention for any unusual pattern. In addition to all of our security protocols, Roseon Finance is licensed, meaning that we will employ safety measures that regulators deem necessary to continue operating normally and ensuring customers’ ease of mind.

Segment III: Quiz Round

Naga: The community round will be in a Quiz form which will require community members to answer questions to win rewards. Questions will be asked. The First person to answer with the correct option (A, B, C, D or E) wins that question.

Q1. What can NFT solve?

a. Ownership, Authenticity, Transferable

b. Yield Farming, Swaps, Liquidity Pools

c. DeFi, CeFi, Vaults

d. All of the above

Naga: @espanthusiast got the first question correctly and on to the next question.

Q2. What makes NFT different from normal cryptocurrencies?

a. Unique

b. Rare

c. Indivisible

d. All of the above

Naga: @casper5331 got the second question correctly. We’d proceed to the next question.

Q3. Acting as the gateway to DeFi, Roseon Mobile is a:

a. NFT marketplace

b. Decentralized finance app

c. Centralized Finance Mobile App

d. All of the above

Naga: @Bulonamee got the third question correctly. We’d move to the next question.

Q4. Which Blockchain is supported by Roseon Mobile?


b. Binance Smart Chain

c. Ethereum

d. All of the above

Naga: @cuberufus got the 4th question correctly.

Q5. After Bitcoin, Ether, Cardano, and Tether, which is the biggest cryptocurrency?

a. Solana

b. Binance coin

c. Dogecoin

d. XRP

Naga: @merusrus got the 5th question correctly.

Q6. What is staking?

a. Pledging your token for use to help verify transactions

b. Slang for buying cryptocurrency

c. Lending your cryptocurrencies to other users

d. A misspelling of stalking, used on forums to suggest law enforcement interest

Naga: @shielue10 got that right

Q7: The Aggregator service acts as a connector to provide further support for Roseon mobile platform.

a. External trading

b. Exchange

c. Liquidity sourced. All of them

Naga: @foxpapa80 got that right. Moving to the next question.

Q8. What is Metaverse?

a. A shared virtual 3D world, or worlds, that are interactive, immersive, and collaborative.

b. a new crypto trend

c. a new cryptocurrency

d. a new blockchain platform

Naga: @casper5331 got this right again.

Q9. Roseon Finance is a hybrid platform that:

a. connects NFT marketplaces together

b. provides a platform to allows users to stake and farm tokens

c. is a browser-based application that allows DeFi interactions

d. brings decentralized (DeFi) and centralized (CeFi) into a mobile interface

e. All of the above

Naga: @renatocout got this right.

Q10. What is a miner?

a. A type of blockchain

b. An algorithm that predicts the next part of the chain

c. A person doing calculations to verify a transaction

d. Computers that validate and process blockchain transactions

Naga: Congratulations @casper5331

About NftyPlay (Previously PolkaPlay):

NftyPlay is a Social NFT & Gaming platform. From content to NFTs, NftyPlay is the easiest way to create, sell, and collect NFTs. NftyPlay enables platform users to create images, short videos, and NFTs seamlessly while earning rewards through Play to Earn games. Buy and collect the content you like or mint it as an NFT and sell on NftyPlay.

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PolkaPlay allows content creators to cash in on their talent. Users can create, mint, tokenize & share any content or convert it to NFTs to earn rewards with $POLO.

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