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On 14th May, Sugnesh Patel (CEO) and Dzianis Kaplun (CMO) from the PolkaPlay Team joined the DVA telegram community to share valuable insights on the PolkaPlay project.


DVA Community was recently joined by PolkaPlay guests to talk about all things NFTs and DeFi. The AMA consisted of two segments — introduction to the guests followed by them answering twitter and live telegram questions.

Get a quick recap on what transpired here:


Admin: Let’s talk and learn about PolkaPlay. Could you please introduce yourself and PolkaPlay to us?

Sug: Sure, we would love to share more about us and the project. A little bit about me. I have extensive experience in IT & software development with strong Knowledge of business Architecture. I have helped multiple fortune 500 companies in building high-performing software development teams that deliver quality software applications in an iterative manner following scrum & agile methodologies.

My crypto journey started in 2017 while working in New York City and attending different crypto meet-ups while networking with some very knowledgeable people within the space. Our project is a unique platform where users can create images, short videos, and NFTs seamlessly while earning rewards. An NFT marketplace for creators and users that offers advanced features like, rewards Hub, Staking, and more to the users for an amazing user experience.

Admin: Can you provide us with information about your Roadmap; the product development stage, achievements, and plans for the near future?

Sugnesh: We have a lot of exciting things lined up. We currently have a basic MVP on where users can upload content and share it on their profiles. A more enhanced version of the MVP will be launched after 3–4 weeks from the launch and then will do the BETA

launch. Here’s more from our roadmap.

Admin: Can you briefly describe what PolkaPlay is?

Dzianis: Our Mission at Polkaplay is to offer a seamless platform where users can convert their content to NFTs. Polkaplay enables users to create content, NFTs, and earn rewards. Users can Buy and collect the content they like or mint it as NFT and sell it on Polkaplay.

We are working towards enabling ease of access for our users so they can create, mint, tokenize, and share their talent with the world.

Community Questions:

@Gowebatak5 — Could you really explain to us in a simple way, what is the process that each user must do to be able to tokenize their content? Or do we just share our content on PolkaPlay and she tokenizes it automatically for a few $ POLO?

Sugnesh: We really want to bring ease of access and make the process as simple as possible.

These are the 3 easy steps to follow

- Take a pic/video or upload your content on the Polkaplay platform.

- Hold 100 POLO tokens in your wallet so you can mint your content to NFT.

- Click on sell and list it on our marketplace.

@Curagmerkis — Adoption & awareness about the platform is very important for any creator as well as users! So, what are your plans to attract more users as well as creators with non-crypto users too?

Sugnesh: Through partnerships and co-marketing we believe we can bring great visibility to our platform. Also, we plan to incentivize our early adaptors to refer and help drive growth.

Events like NFT drops, collaborations with talented creators will help us bring awareness, and providing creators grants to our community will keep them motivated. We also have value add investors and advisors who can help in many areas to drive the platform growth.

@Grneverbicx — Platforms are developed every day that make it easier and easier to create NFT content, but really if everyone could create an NFT collectible in such a simple way, wouldn’t that make it lose its appeal? How do you plan to ensure that NFTs do not lose that appeal?

Dzianis: Indeed, during the current explosion of crypto assets a lot of other NFT focused projects are being set up. However they are mainly focusing on artist collabs and collection drops, or they are simply just marketplaces at the moment.

Also, the difficulty is not an appeal that NFTs offer. Making it easier for everyone to access NFTs will in fact help the new users learn more about the Web3 and we can only progress if we make the technology easy and more accessible to everyone.

NFTs are only being looked upon as collectibles as that’s why it might seem that they should be limited, but actually, a creator can choose to convert anything as an NFT to preserve the authenticity of their creation.

@Hendrspor — Demand — which is important for investors. How will the demand of your token increase in the future? What should you do to increase token demand?

Dzianis: As PolkaPlay will grow as a social media/NFT platform, a lot of online exposure will be created. In addition, staking POLO will allow users to participate in exclusive NFT drops from our collection & creators. Users can also participate in platform governance and earn returns from entry/exit fees.

@Bramastok — Do I have to meet any requirements to be able to upload my content to your platform? Or can anyone easily access and post their content?

Dzianis: PolkaPlay platform is free to use for anyone and from anywhere, as well as no restrictions on the content. Users will be able to mint 1 FREE NFT. However, those who intend to mint more than 1 NFTs in 24 hours would have to hold 100 $POLO tokens on their balance.

Additionally, we encourage users to follow basic guidelines and respect the community, as well as restrain from using copyrighted material, which can be solved with digital signatures.

About PolkaPlay:

Polkaplay is a unique platform where users can create images, short videos, and NFTs seamlessly while earning rewards. It is an NFT Marketplace with social features that enables users to create content, NFTs, and earn rewards with POLO tokens. Users can buy and collect content they like or mint content as an NFT and sell on PolkaPlay.


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PolkaPlay allows content creators to cash in on their talent. Users can create, mint, tokenize & share any content or convert it to NFTs to earn rewards with $POLO.

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