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NftyPlay Forms a Strategic Partnership with Polkalokr

NftyPlay is proud to introduce our community and supporters to our latest partner Polkalokr, the first all-in-one, multi-chain token locking and escrow platform with built-in privacy functionality.

Providing a complete solution for token economies by bringing transparency and simplicity to complex token economies, Polkalokr is simplifying blockchain for individuals and businesses of all sizes — from new projects to enterprises! Polkalokr lowers the barrier of entry into the crypto space, making blockchain accessible to everyone through simple plug-and-play cross-chain solutions.

Together, both NftyPlay and Polkalokr will be working towards making blockchain and NFT marketplaces more accessible to all!

Partnership Vision:

The newly formed partnership will give way to NftyPlay white labeling Polkalokr’s Decentralized Bridge as a Service (DBaaS), Bridgr. This will allow users to smoothly transfer tokens across multiple chains through an easy-to-use interface on the NftyPlay website. NftyPlay will further explore various other aspects of Polkalokr tech to improve its ecosystem, such as utilizing Lokr to manage its vesting schedules.

Polkalokr will also be utilizing NftyPlay’s platform to mint Polkalokr-themed NFTs to the holders of the $LKR token. Additionally, both parties will actively engage in cross-marketing opportunities to expand both communities.

Sugnesh Patel, NftyPlay CEO and Founder commented, “This collaboration will be instrumental in smoothing operations and user activities on NftyPlay. Polkalokr has done great work so far and we are determined to enhance and simplify user interaction on Blockchain holistically.”

Imran Ashfaq, Polkalokr CEO and Co-founder, stated, “It’s through collaborations like this that we expand the crypto space, a space that’s usually considered difficult to engage with. Platforms like NftyPlay make it easier for people to participate in DeFi — a vision that’s totally in line with ours here at Polkalokr. Here’s to simplicity and accessibility, one partnership at a time.”

About NftyPlay:

NftyPlay is a Social NFT & Gaming platform. From content to NFTs, NftyPlay is the easiest way to create, sell, and collect NFTs. NftyPlay enables platform users to create images, short videos, and NFTs seamlessly while earning rewards through Play to Earn games. Buy and collect the content you like or mint it as an NFT and sell on NftyPlay.

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