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NftyPlay Partners with an Excellent Launchpad for Creatives, Pollinate!

As your favorite social NFT platform and NFT Marketplace, NftyPlay, continues to expand, we partner with unique projects and protocols to allow you advanced features and offerings. With the same aim in mind, we have formed a strategic alliance with Pollinate, a launchpad for creativity, fans, and fun.

Pollinate is a creative and community-driven art platform for individuals, artists, and organizers. Pollinate enables its artistic community and fans to connect, create, and experiment with art to discover new experiences. This creative platform minimizes the constraints of space, borders, and other traditional barriers to entry and connects artists and art communities globally.

NftyPlay is a burgeoning NFT Marketplace and social NFT platform for content creators and fans that allow users to create, mint, tokenize, and share individual talent with the world while earning rewards with $POLO (NftyPlay native token).

NftyPlay x Pollinate Partnership Vision

With a unique and creative suite of digital tools, Pollinate helps the community curate unique and creative online and offline experiences that allow new perspectives. This latest collaboration will allow both Pollinate and NftyPlay communities to explore and benefit from various advanced features and offerings of each platform.

Pollinate will push creators on Pollinate to NftyPlay to allow easy creation and tokenization of their assets. While NftyPlay will move creators to Pollinate who want to raise funding for their next project. It will enable the communities to explore more and enhance the user experience.

“As an ever-growing NFT Marketplace and social platform for creators and fans, we believe partnering with Pollinate can bring greater opportunities for our community while meeting all the mutual interests. The entire NftyPlay team is delighted with this strategic step. We look forward to a great journey together!”

Sugnesh Patel, CEO of NftyPlay

About Pollinate

POLLINATE ART is a community-driven art platform connecting individuals to practiced artists and rich creative experiences. From organizing events to promoting happenings across the country, our mission is to inspire the human spirit through creativity, cultivating opportunities for everyone to experience art in a meaningful and accessible way. Art is a pillar of cultural identity and connectivity. Here at Pollinate, we’re redefining how people connect through art, wherever they may be.

Website | Twitter

About Nftyplay:

NftyPlay is a Social NFT & Gaming platform. From content to NFTs, NftyPlay is the easiest way to create, sell, and collect NFTs. NftyPlay enables platform users to create images, short videos, and NFTs seamlessly while earning rewards through Play to Earn games. Buy and collect the content you like or mint it as an NFT and sell on NftyPlay.

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